The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: CONNECTED HEARTS

Hey guys!!
I’m new to Episode and I have released my first story CONNECTED HEARTS. I want everyone to show some love to my story by read,share and tags in your post.
Tag me in your posts @ray.stories and by using this #connectedhearts❤ray.stories. I’ll feel blessed.


Wow! I really enjoyed it so far! You will definitely get more reads.


I like it!!!
Have a good progress gurl!


You can have a look at my story too :slight_smile:

Wish so and thank you for your review. Can you share to your insta followers about my story and tag me in it as @ray.stories

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Thank you and sure I’ll read it tomorrow :blush:. Can you share my story and ask your followers to follow me in IG.
If you’re doing it tag me : @ray.stories.

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