The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Love Scars

Hey everyone!
I’m new here but I created a story named Love Scars and I would really like feedback from everyone to see how I can improve!
Constructive criticism only, please! I know it’s really short so far but it’s like a lil introduction to what will happen next in the story and I’m still learning about programming and directing!

Basically the story we follow Coralyn who lives alone and has a broken family because of her parents being abusive towards her, and she’s the only child. She has a debt to pay because one of her parents died and the debt was passed to her and it’s a pretty big debt at that. She has 3 jobs to pay the debt back and she’s ashamed of the 3rd one, she hates it. 2 ( mysterious daddies) encounters will have a big impact on her life as the story unfolds more even though the first meeting is unexpected for both of them.

That’s how I can describe it best lol

Thank you to everyone who will give me feedback and help me improve in this community because I like creating stories since I have a crazy imagination lmao but yeah, anything will help! I love you all <3