The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Bad Kind of Good

Hey everyone I’ve publish a new story called The Bad Kind of Good
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Genre: Thriller (with romance)

Dominic and Tabitha both grew up in care, as they grew up they both fell in love with each other, Dominic is know to be the most loving, attentive boyfriend and friend you would ever meet, ambitious as well as he didn’t allow his past to stop him from becoming a millionaire. Dominic would literally give up a day at work to make sure Tabitha doesn’t stay at home bored, they are now 22 decided to get married young, however marriage life for Dominic’s has bought the fear that he won’t be able to protect Tabitha, his anxieties and worries take a hold over him and his past traumas resurfaces, he grew up in an abusive house and swore he wouldn’t be like his father, but his fears has put him in that position, leaving bad consequences for the couple.

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Hello, wanna do 9x9 r4r?
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hey sure… do you have an insta account that I could follow and we can send each other screenshots