The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Girl

Hi this is my first episode script for my story that I have been working on I would love some help or feedback on what I should do or anything really so thanks this my link if you ant to see it .




I was just bringing the topic up so that it will get noticed easily.

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oh so meaning don´t try to change the topic to much

No I meant to let it be seen and it won’t get closes. Also, after 30 days a Topic gets closed.

oh let it be seen got it

The Girl: Episode 1
Runtime: 47 seconds

Currently, your story only consists of 1 scene, excluding the intro.

  • Speechbubble placement

Your speechbubbles are not lined up with your characters.

  • Michelle walks on screen, but Bryan appears on screen. Make Bryan walk on screen too.

  • Your animations are spelt wrong. As a result, it appears in Bryan’s speechbubble.

  • Grammar

NO and LILY is capitalised, but they shouldn’t be.
Missing comma/Fullstop - Not since Monday, I believe. - Well, I think she might be in some real danger. - Yeah, she did seem off. Probably because of what Janet did.

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