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Hi there! I finished reading you’re story in the morning but i forgot to tell you, sorry about that :sweat_smile:. I would be so happy if you would check out my story!


Hiya! I just finished reading you’re story and I think it is a pretty good storry.:grinning:
It would be so awesome if you were to read my story. :smiley:


Of course I will. Thank you:)


Thank you!! Let me know when you’re finished.:grin:


Here you are! Good job girl:)


Hey Beauties :hibiscus::cherry_blossom::hibiscus:

I’ve published my first story Never Be The Same a week ago, I would totally love to do some R4R’s.

Title: Never Be The Same :hibiscus:
Instagram: epy.alaina :cherry_blossom:
Genre: Romance/Drama :hibiscus:
Discription: Join a pair of twins on their way to grow up. How do you master the traps of life? Jump on the emotional roller coaster with a new city, new problems, new friends and a new love. :cherry_blossom:
Specials: CC + Artscenes ( first Artscene on chapter 4 ) + Choices :hibiscus:



Duplicate closed. Refer to to newest: Check it out: r4r? :slight_smile: