The Best Things About Writing


So, what do you think? Tell me your answers, I’m interested to hear your opinion!


Using your imagination i love that


Me too! You can write about literally anything!


It’s kind of a self-satisfying thing. I write poetry, short stories, and my story Crossed Paths.

It is a release in a way, you can pour all your thoughts into something. If I was capable of it, I would have tried out screen writing but the great thing about directing on Episode is the fact you can manipulate scenes and the way things are to fit your vision exactly.

Recently, my inspiration for my story is just not there - I have been writing some poetry but the thing with inspiration is that it comes and goes. When I get an idea, I rush to my notebook - scribble some stuff down and let all of it pour out of me.

When I had a hell of a lot of free time, I had a process. It was - plan the story’s dialogue and overall outcome (I would write a full script for each episode), direct on the portal - and make some improv comments, review it to see the pacing and dialogue then publish. Give myself a few days break and get back on the bandwagon. Now, I am not so fortunate - inspiration has been more of a flicker, like an on-off switch. Sometimes I can write 4 poems at a time and pull off a lot of plans for a chapter but usually there’s nothing there. I just loved sitting alone, with my thoughts for company and just writing.


When you write something good, you feel good.


It’s relaxing. If I’m stressed or annoyed I just put on some music and start writing. It doesn’t matter is it’s great och crap, it’s just an outlet.

But coming up with stoories is so much fun. And creating complex and layered characters to pupulate the stories are one of my favorite things. I can spend hours in the CC or just researching names.


I am writing comedy so the best thing for me is to hear that I made people happy, espcially those who are going through something.