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Hello there!!! /lh

What I just used in that sentence, is called a tone tag.

What is a tone tag?

A tone tag is [very usually] 1-4 letters behind a “/” (a slash). They stand for one or more words. Here are some examples of tone tags in sentences:

Wow, you’re just so funny. /s - This tone tag means sarcasm. This indicates you’re not serious and are being sarcastic with a message.

Wow, you’re really funny. /gen - Contradictory to the sentence above, this one is genuine. See how easily tone can be misread?

Aghh, I hate you. /t /nsrs - This one has /t (teasing) and /nsrs (not serious). You can use these tone tags if you’re joking and/or teasing someone, for example a friend.

Now, onto the important and main part of this topic: the…

Tone Tags!

/s, /sarc - sarcasm or sarcastic
/nm - not mad
/j - joking, joke
/hj - half joking
/t - teasing
/gen - genuine
/gq - genuine question
/o - optional. (when you’re asking a question or asking someone to do something that are optional for them to do).
/lh - lighthearted
/srs - serious
/nsrs - not serious
/pos - positive connotation
/neg - negative connotation
/p - platonic
/rh - rhetorical [question]
/ij - inside joke
/q - quote
/ly - lyrics
/nay - not at you. (for example when you’re mad at something/someone, but it’s not directed at the person you’re venting to.)
/ay - at you
/ot - off topic
/nbh - nobody here (when venting or ranting and talking about a person in that vent).

Tone tags are important for everyone, but especially neurodivergent individuals such as myself who have an extra hard time deciphering tone, even in real life. If you have any questions regarding these, you can reply to this thread! You can also search up a list of them or the meaning of any one of them. Don’t be hesitant to ask! /gen

I, as many others, want these to be normalized. So please, don’t hesitate to use any of these at any given moment if you feel it is needed. If you wonder if you should use one, use it! It’s always better to be on the safe side to avoid miscommunication.

I thought these would be handy, not just on the forums but also in general. I definetely haven’t covered all tone tags in this post, but I’ve mentioned the most important and/or commonly used ones.

Thank you for reading :cat_typing:


I’ve never heard of tone tags before. Thank you for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is really something new to me, so I’d definitely try it out! Thank you for sharing :two_hearts:


Thanks for sharing. /gen :blob_hearts:

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(No, I could not think of anything else to put here. I am big brain /j)

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