The billionaire person Assistant

I can see it he looking at me with lustful eyes even if he tries to hide it with his famous smirk .he slowly shook his head still looking at me oh princesses I am your boss now .he walk to his car and got inside .see you tomorrow at work he winks before driving off what did I get my into .Scarlett a sweet innocent and shy 17 year old girl. She was just living a healthy life with successful parents .At least that what people think her family never cared about her they were successful with the help of carelcareless arrogant heartless billionaire Alessandro Raniero
When her parents are about lose their job because of a mistake Scarlett had to work for Alessandro if she doesn’t get parents will get fired .Will she be able to melt the cold heart of the billionaire. What even made Alessandro heartless.

I wake up to sound of my alarm blasting thought my ears.Groaning I turned it off and stretch my arm.I look at the time and my eye widened.
7:50 I ran inside the bathroom and quickly cleaned up.I only have 10 min to get ready I put my clothes and shoes on and fix my hair as I walk to the door. I get in my car and drive to school hoping there no traffic. I Let out a breather of relief I sat down on my chair. I am not I screamed and glared at my best friends Michael.

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