The Birthday Gift Idea Thread 🎁

So, first of all I hope I’m not making a duplicate here, and secondly, a warm welcome to this random thread I created :blue_heart:

I realised one of the most confusing, panicking moments ever is when it’s someone’s birthday and you don’t know what to get them :thinking:

Maybe you get unsure of what to get a particular person because you don’t know what to get someone who is that age, or you don’t know what they’ll like based on their personality, or maybe it has to do with your buget.

I’m not that good with coming up with birthday ideas either, so I decided to make a thread dedicated towards it.

If perhaps someone needs ideas on a gift for a loving family member, close friend, work friend, or anyone, they can just provide the age of that person, a little bit about their personality, their likes, or anything else that may be helpful or important, and I’m sure people might be able to come up with a few gift ideas that that person can buy or make.

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First of I wanted to just provide some links that may be helpful to anyone…

For best friends:

For sisters:

For your boss:


I love this :heart_eyes:


Haha thank u :joy::purple_heart:


I’ll be sure to come here when it’s one of my friends or family birthdays :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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