The Birthday/Party Thread!

HEY EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO THE NEW FORUMS! I am Orona, and I am so excited to get to know all of the new users and virtually hit up some old friends on here.

I thought of starting the first birthday/party thread on here for all of us! I previously had an old thread on the old forums which perished unfortunately due to my everlasting struggles with being able to cope with my sad life but hey it’s back now!

SOOOOO, here’s the deal:

if it’s your birthday, let me know in advance, or if you wanna throw a small party up on this thread for ANY REASON AT ALL… ANDDDDD we will get in some virtual cupcakes, brownies, finger food- whatever works!

The idea is for everyone to feel special on their…um… special day, and just for some virtual fun- it also helps cuz we can get to know each other more if we haven’t already.

Tagging some peeps who used to (or would like to?) be part of my cult (and trust me I will make this thread more fancy once I get my weekend):

@losersam (IK she probably doesn’t have an acc here but if anyone can help me with that it would be swell)

Tag anyone else you think would wanna celebrate with us whenever (Uh, of course, we’ve got free cookies here for God’s sake)!

Here are some chipwiches to welcome y’all here into the new forums:

ALSO, gimme your bday dates and I shall put them up here for us all to remember:

@OronaRVader - March 28th, 1998 (you don’t have to share the year)
@anime : November 18th, 2002
@Fixelled : September 9th
@Ms.Kate : July 28th
@LumTwo : 10th December
@QueenChid : May 19th
@k.w.episode : 10th January
@Infraradiant - January 10th
@Alexa_x3 - April 23rd
@Mzking - June 12th
@Caitlyn - May 25th
@noms - May 29th
@Mashia - October 9th
@KittenLove - August 26th
@16AngelCat -March 16th
@j.mojicaxo - May 26th

  • Orona

oh gosh this is so cute i’d love to join! thank u for the mention!

are you going to have the same style as the old thread and have everyone say their birthdays and put them all in the op?

Awww I loved this thread! I’m happy you brought it back!

Yayyy! Yes, that’s my plan of action for the birthdays. Lemme know your birthdays guys and I’ll put them up! There’s also an option for secret birthday wishes, so if you have a friend on forums you want to celebrate cuz it’s their bday or for any other purpose, we can do that too!

my birthday is november 18th, 2002!

My birthday is September 9th.

Birthday-July 28th

My birthday is 10th December.

Yay this is back!

My birthday is May 19th.

Mine is 10th January!

My birthday is January 10th as well! :tada:

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April 23rd :slight_smile:

June 12

May 25th. :slight_smile:

May 29th :smile: this thread looks awesome!!

October 9th :smile: YAS THIS IS BACK

My birthday is August 26…
If anyone wanted to know…
I’ll go now…


My birthday is March 16

My birthday is May 26!

My birthday is the 28th of February!