~ The Birthday Thread! ~


:gift::sparkles::balloon: ~ Hello and welcome to the birthday thread (reboot)!! ~ :balloon::sparkles::gift:

To quote @OronaRVader the owner of the fabulous old thread (found here!):

The idea is for everyone to feel special on their…um… special day, and just for some virtual fun- it also helps cuz we can get to know each other more if we haven’t already.

:gift::sparkles::balloon:~ To Get the Celebration Started… ~ :balloon::sparkles::gift:

So what do you have to do? Three things (all optional of course):

~ Comment your birthday, I only need month and day (or just month if you want to keep that private!).
~ Tell me your favorite food, animal, and/or color (or anything else you want), so I can throw an appropriate virtual celebration!
~ Check in every once in a while and help me congratulate the recent birthdays!
~ Of course, be kind to everybody here.

If I’ve liked your comment, it means I’ve seen it and will add it to the list.
Below is a list of birthdays people have commented so far!

:gift::sparkles::balloon:~ The Birthday List! ~ :balloon::sparkles::gift:

~ January ~
@k.w.episode ~ January 10
@Mahoney13 ~ January 15

~ February ~
@LeIsaac ~ February 24

~ March ~
@Arim ~ March 6
@jenna1012 ~ March 8
@ElectraHeart ~ March 20
@Bamagirl98 ~ March 29
@Sophbee ~ March 31

~ April ~
@24aya ~

~ May ~
@C-Bug ~ May 12
@PurpleRose ~ May 15
@QueenChid ~ May 19
@brinn ~ May 27
@JemU776 ~ May 29

~ June ~
@SilverStar ~ June 4
@Miss_Moonlight ~ June 5

~ July ~
@Episode.Cameronwrite ~ July 30
@Whispering_Flower ~ July 30

~ September ~
@God ~ September 3
@AS007 ~ September 7
@Limee_Vanilla ~ September 12
@Katherine2404 ~ September 26

~ October ~
@Doksanwrites ~ October 5
@Mashia ~ October 9
@Forever1201 ~ October 11
@zoe4564 ~ October 13
@Mary-P ~ October 18

~ November ~
@leslie.giselle ~ November 6
@goth.gaia ~ November 15
@BadassSaasha ~ November 18

~ December ~
@MidnightBlue1 ~ December 5
@LumTwo ~ December 10
@AuthorMDWrites ~ December 23
@Charity1226 ~ December 26

Tagging those who liked the post/were interested to get this started!

@Cam @LumTwo @Mashia @Vanille @PurpleRose and @QueenChid


March 8
I dont have a favorite food, but I love chocolate. My favorite animals are dolphins and dogs. And my favorite color varies between blue and purple!


Birthday: 10th December :gift:
~ My favourite food is CHOCOLATE, I love cats and dogs, and my favourite colour is blue!


Birthday: October 11
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite food: Pizza


My birthday is February 24. My favorite food is pasta, my favorite animals are both cats and birdos (Especially parrots °^°) and my favorite color is black.


My birthday is May 19th.
Favourite food; Anything that’s not Indian or chocolate related.
Favourite animal; Chimpanzee
Favourite colour: Pink (specificallly hot pink)


Birthday March 20th
Favorite food Pizza all day every day :pizza:
Favorite color Baby blue
Favorite animal Cats and penguins


Haha so I hate my birthday. But I like this thread!!! Nice!!


Well im glad u have a bday!


I’m a Gemini! June 5th


Nice! I’m a Gemini too. Do you have a favorite food/color/animal (I’m doing something for each person on their birthdays)?


Fav food: Pizza :pizza:
Fav color: Blue :blue_heart:
Fav animal: Tiger :tiger2:

I’m excited to see!


I guess I’ll be the first November birthday :partying_face::partying_face:

Birthday: November 15th
Favorite food/animal/color: Cheez-its, moose/guinea pigs, periwinkle


Birthday: 9th October! :tada:
Food: Chocolate Icecream :yum:
Colour: Blue :whale:

thanks for making the thread, brinn!! :blush::+1:


Birthdate :upside_down_face: cakes​:yum: life​:grin:
Birthdate- 24 /4 (April)
Colour- black :sunglasses:
Food - nonveg biryani :drooling_face:
Animal - dog :dog2:


July 30th. Dog blue and ice cream


May 12th! Coffee Crisps (Canadian), owls, I like cappuccinos.


September 12th. c; Cucumbers and cheese. Green.



Do you have a favorite animal?


Birthday ~ May 15
Favorite Food ~ Alfredo pasta :yum:
Favorite Animal ~ Bunny
Favorite Color ~ Purple / Green