~ The Birthday Thread! ~


Mine is September 26
Favorite food: pizza :pizza:
Favorite animal: dog :dog:
Favorite color: blue :blue_heart:


I hope you’re still active! Anyways, happy birthday! I wasn’t sure what kind of cheese you liked so I found a huge platter with of cheeses (and crackers and other things that taste good with cheese), and some cucumber slices. There are no animals at the party but I can bring some if you want.
I hope you had a great day, because you deserve it! Please do something nice for yourself, even if it’s just taking a small break from work/school/whatever, since, again, you deserve it!




Happy Birthday! :cake: :balloon: :tada: :gift:


HaPPY BiRTHDAY @Limee_Vanilla!!!
Hope you had an amaze-balls dayy today! Whoot whoot ~


October 13th

Fav food: Peanut better cups
Fav Animal: Dolphin
Fav colour: Purple
Celeb crush: Shawn Mendes


Happy birthday, @Limee_Vanilla!! Hope you have a great day :smile: :tada: :moon_cake:


Happy Birthday @Limee_Vanilla


And since I’m here,
My b-day: June 4th
Fav food: Donuts, Pizza, Burgers, fooooooooooood
Fav animal: Cat, Kittens, Dogs, Puppies


Birthday: December 26
Favorite Color: Deep Red
Favorite Animal: Wolves, (Favorite Mythological Creatures: Phoenix & Dragons)
Favorite Food: Pasta and French Fries


Happy birthday!~ @Limee_Vanilla


Don’t think I forgot your birthday!! Sorry this is so late. Anyways, I hope your birthday was amazing: I hope you had amazing food and hung out with amazing people and felt appreciated! Do something you love because today is all about you. There’s a corgi (I think?) here and some pizza for you.

Edit: I forgot to tag you! @Katherine2404


Hiya, my birthday is 23rd of December. My fav colour is blue my fav animal has to be a cat and my fav food probably mac and cheese.


WOW, I love it! Thank you so much. :heart:


Birthday: October 5th
Favourite Food: Donuts
Favourite Animal: Dogs
Favourite Colour: Baby Pink


Birthday: September 7

Favorite Food: Patisserie
Favorite Animal: Squirrel
Favorite Color: Yellow :yellow_heart:



Birthday: July 30th
Fav Food: Pizza, pasta, chocolate cake :pizza::spaghetti: :birthday:
Fav animals: Dogs!
Fav colour: Blue or purple, but I love all colours!


Happy Birthday! :smiley:


Happy birthday @Katherine2404 (^_^)


Thank you! :heart:@PurpleRose and @LumTwo


Happy birthday @Katherine2404 I hope u had a great birthday!:blush:

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