The Black Grimoire - A Reference for Spooky Writers

I thought it’d be cool for people to info dump everything they know about the occult, myths, monsters, theology, demonology, astrology, herbology etc. whatever knowledge you have that you feel like sharing for people writing stories in that realm. Book, movie, music recommendations also very welcomed.

Also I’m a spooky bitch and I love talking about stuff like this.




  • Origin: Babylon
  • Also Known As: Fazuzu, Pazuza, Dark Angel of the Four Winds, Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms
  • Related to: Son of Hanbi, brother of Humbaba
  • Powers: Controls the west and southwest winds, known to bring famine and locusts, sometimes seen as a protector against other evil spirits, telepathy
  • Weapons: Magical greatsword
  • Symbols: Thread, bull, serpent
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  • Origin: Assyria
  • Name Meaning: Master of the Opening (Gap)
  • Patronage: BowDispute, Sloth, Franceli
  • Symbol: Phallus
  • Offerings: Absinthe, Erotic pastries, Excrement
  • Other Names: Baal-Peor, Ba’al Phegor

Belphegor is a lieutenant from Hell, he is a shape shifter, delighting in using this ability to deceive mortals, he will take the form of a beautiful woman, to seduce those who would fall for his wiles. He also appears as a terrible demon, with leathery flesh, huge horns, long sharp teeth and fingernails, and a gaping mouth. He is invoked by persons who wish to find fame and wealth through invention, often with as little effort as possible. These wishes, as with almost any demonic invocation, are doomed to fail, because Belphegor’s true mission is to draw the lazy into the sin of Sloth.

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Feel free to have your own opinions about this, but I identify as a witch! I actively engage with witchcraft, tarot and astrology. I’d happily share any knowledge I have if anyone has anything they are particularly interested in! x

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i recently started practicing witchcraft and studying about wicca. astrology and tarot are my passions so feel free to ask questions! x

Hey, cool to hear other folks are into witchcraft! If you ever feel like having a chat don’t hesitate to message!

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aw that’s cute, will do it!