The Blog Thread ❤


Hey, guys! This is a thread to talk about your life, what’s going on, what you did today, crushes, drama, love, hate, etc…Just talking about things that mean something to you, and how you’re feeling.

Feel free to update only once, or every day! I will reply to you, I promise. Treat this thread like a blog, and write away! (There is no limit to how much you can write.) You may also add stories about things that have happened to you in the past.

Have fun! I will be posting on here, soon. :smile:


Well I went on an excursion today and I’m glad Alissa downloaded a bunch of Netflix movies and shows for us to watch on the way to and from.


@Infinite That’s really fun! Where did you go, if you don’t mind me asking? And what movies/shows? Glad you had something to do. :slight_smile:


@EpisodeGirl e went to the hunter valley where we went to a vineyard where we ate bunches of grapes and got our own olive oil, a cheese factory and we had a cheese tasting plate and then the chocolate factory and we got free samples. Well we were watching a few episodes of teen wolf then we watched oceans 11


Wow! So much delicious food! Making me hungry! Glad you and Alissa enjoyed yourself. :slight_smile:

Is Teen Wolf any good? :wolf:


Yass!!! It is amazing, my friends kept complaining about how the start of season 1 was kinda slow though, but I like it. Stiles is hilarious!


Ooh! I should try watching it? Where can I find it? :question:




I will try it out some, it,sounds coolsies! :stuck_out_tongue:


Please do :smiley:


Then, maybe we can talk about it together!


That would be great!


It would :smiley:


Welllllll, my day was soooo eventful. I went to school and came back home :joy:


Wow, so eventful! :open_mouth:


I know, right? XD


XD Well, at least your day wasn’t bad. :slight_smile:


That’s true :smiley:
Though, the million replies thing is pretty sad ;(


Agreed, its not fair. It made me really sad.


I don’t see the point of taking it down, it wasn’t adding any problems or anything of that sort :unamused: