The Blog Thread ❤

Maybe on a weekend so that more people might be able to come?


Reading the ranting thread makes me want to message everyone who’s posted there for a follow up but that would probably be very annoying for them

Isn’t there a rant thread here now too?

Who are you guys talking about 0_o Their comment disappeared so it like SUSPENSE WHO IS IT


Weekend Partaayyyyyyyy

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Yep, there is but I actually meant the old ranting thread haha

Oh, makes sense now.

i feel bad when i close out replies now since episode put “are you sure you want to abandon your post” as the reply whenever i cancel a post aaaaah you’re making me feel like i’m abandoning a helpless baby on a doorstep in the rain, episode

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Hmm…should we have the party on Friday March 9, or Saturday March 10? (I’m more active on Fridays than Saturdays) Or should we have it a week after those dates?

Well after those dates is March Break for me.

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I’m getting confuzzled with timezones because it could be my Saturday or Sunday at others Friday and Saturday 0_O

What day is it for you right now?

1:30pm, 3rd of March so Saturday.

Oh, it’s still Fri (March 2) here and it’s 6:30 pm

6! 1! I’m over here with 9! It’s 9 at night

Dun dun dunnnnn, making a party fitting to everyone’s timezones and days will be hard-ish

All day party!

Most people are on (at least, I think XD) when I come from school on Fridays (I get home around 3:40-3:50 pm pacific time), what time is it then for you guys?

I think that would be my 11:40-11:50 am on a Saturday.

Same only EST