The Casual Art Shop

Hello and Welcome to my art shop! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here I can make-

  • Art scenes
  • Covers
  • Costume poses
  • Splashes
  • Backgrounds
    NOTE: I do not draw any of the things I create , everything is edited on my computer


1. I can only take in 3 requests at a time since I have to balance college and episode and many other things. (Also I’m the only artist here).
2. I only do Limelight style so no INK or Classic.
3. No thread hopping. I’m taking free time out of my day to do this, please respect it.
4. Don’t rush me! it’s ok to ask for an update every once in a while but don’t ask for one everyday it’s only going to make the process slower. If you want your request to be made at a specific time write it down and ill tell if I can do it, please take into consideration that if you are asking for something really complicated or with a lot of characters it can take a long time.
5. I can decline a request if I can’t do it or simply don’t have the time.
6. You need to give credit! If you used one of the art works from this shop you have to give credit. I would like my instagram to be credited, so simply credit- @maysa_episode



Art scenes\Covers

Custome poses


In your request you will need to write:

  • How many characters you want
  • What pose you want them to do
  • What background you want
  • The features of the characters
  • The outfits of the characters
  • Pictures for example (optional)
  • Text you want to appear on the art work (optional)
  • Any additional information you think I should know

Thank you very much