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*Password: ceLeSTiaL
I am requesting an art scene. :sweat_smile:

  • Artist: @savage2
  • Character Style? (eg: limelight, ink)
    • Limelight (LL)
  • Character details?
    • Alyxandra Harris
      • Female Athletic Body (Rose 03)
      • Arched Thin High (Black Dark)
      • Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Dark Brown)
      • Deepset Upturned Wide (Blue Green)
      • Square Defined
      • Round Button Upturned
      • Full Round Pouty (Peach Gloss)
    • Mateo Thomas
      • Male Athletic Body (Copper 03)
      • Straight Medium Scar (Deep Brown)
      • Long Top Messy Curls (Dark Brown)
      • Deepset Downturned (Ice Blue)
      • Chiseled Angular
      • Grecian Narrow
      • Full Lower Lip Sharp (Neutral Medium Nude Matte)
  • Character outfit?
    • Mateo Thomas
      • Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
      • Scar Eye Right (08-10)
      • Uniform Baseball Cleats Leather White
      • Casual Cotton Jacket T Shirt Cotton Grey Black
      • Casual Jeans Denim Black
    • Alyxandra Harris
      • Birds In Flight Tattoo
      • Skull and Roses Tattoo
      • Halter Flower Mesh Rhinestone Sash Dress Cotton Blue Cornflower
      • Calf High Thick Strapped Heels Leather Grey Black
  • How many characters?
    • 2 Total Characters
  • Background?
  • Pose? (with reference)
  • Extras? (eg: blush, makeup, props)
    • She is holding a white Calla Lily. (Highlighted Spot on her is where you can see the top of the white Calla Lily).
    • I know the picture has the grass kind of tall. Do you think you would be able to trim it just a hair?

Hey! @blackmeow20 i hope u take request now i love it ur arts they are so cute i hope u can make a cover for me
Art Style: image
Drawn or Edited?: Edit
No. of Characters (Not more than 3):2
Character Details:(character 1) female athlethic body (netural 03)
Round Medium brow(black Dark)
Layered Wavy Bob hair (dark Brown)
Deepset Upturned Wide eyes ( Brown dark )
Diamond Defined Contour face
Round Broad Downturned nose
Full Wide lips(red matte)
(Character 2)
Female Athletic Body(netural 07)
Arched Short(black dark )
3A Shoulder Length Curls Hair(black dark )
Deepset Almond( Brown sand)
Heart Soft face
Round Button Wide nose
Full Heart Pouty lips (Cooper medium matte)
Outfit Details :


Author Name: hestia
Title: unexpected chance
Font & Colour:Low Casat Thin & pink
Additional Info: can u add “Adrien” tattoo at MC’ right hand like this

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Request accepted! :relaxed: and thank you :blob_hearts: I appreciate that, also I hope it isn’t a problem if it will take some time for finishing it :sweat_smile:

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No problem, i dont mind at all take ur time :heart:

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Hey, I would like to request an art scene from @Clevertimes

It’s a one person art scene.

The idea of the art scene: she is looking into the mirror (fresh out of the shower) crying/sad/disappointed

I tried to get reference photos but it was kind of hard to find one that I completely like, but here are a couple of pictures of the references

Some of these photos are screenshots from the other pm I had with this other person, but they ended up not doing my art scene.

Art style: LL
Background: there really is no specific background, I just want it to look like she is looking into the mirror crying her hair is obviously soaking wet but the mirror please do not put cracks on the mirror

If you have any questions or I missed anything please pm me

@A-Mae-Zing - @Clevertimes hasn’t been active in a while
@Rilley_writesSTORIES - @savage2 hasn’t been active in months
@Matawrites - @Clevertimes hasn’t been active in a while


oh, thank your for letting me know.

Thank you for letting me know!

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:sparkles: Request complete! :sparkles:
@Aria5 I just finished your request :smiley: I really hope you’ll like it, I’ve tried my best :pleading_face: and let me know if I should change/add something :relaxed:


Oh! Wow! Thats so georgeous !:scream::heart::heart:

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So glad that you like it :smile: :blush:

Here are the details for a pfp request:

  • Art Style - LL

  • Drawn or Edited? - Edited

  • Artist - @Queen_Rahmah

  • No. of Characters (Not more than 3) - 1

  • Character Details -
    Skin - Copper 02 (Generic body type)
    Face - Heart defined
    Hair - Long Curl Half Updo (Medium Warm Brown)
    Brow - Round Medium (Deep brown)
    Eyes - Female generic (Hazel)
    Nose - Defined natural
    Mouth - Full round flat top skin (Pink warm gloss)

  • Outfit Details -
    Strapped V Neck Bralette Cotton Grey Black + Flared Leg Belted Slacks Polyester Blue Oxford + Espadrille Fringed Wedges Suede Grey Black + Two Metal Bangle Bracelets Metal Gold

  • Pose - The last moment of dance_drop_it animation

  • Background - Anything cute!

  • Additional Info - I’d like a heart emoji filter sorta thing on the character’s head (like the one in Queen_Rahmah’s example art!) Sorry if I’m being vague :confused:

Thank you for doing this! Can’t wait to see the pfp <3

Hi, i want a splash

Text: To be continued
And can you do the text in overlay


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:sparkles:Request complete! :sparkles:
is it alright? if not let me know :relaxed:



Hey! :blob_hearts: Can I request a drawn splash from @Clevertimes ?

Thank you it’s perfect :blush:

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You’re welcome :relaxed: :smile:

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  • Art Style: Limelight
  • Drawn or Edited?: Edited
  • Artist: @Clevertimes (if possible)
  • Size: Both large & small
  • No. of Characters (Not more than 3): 2
  • Character Details: Character #1: Body: Female soft (Gold 05), Brows: Arched natural (deep brown), Hair: Long curl half updo (deep brown), Eyes: Round medium (brown medium), Face: Heart soft, Nose: Round broad and Mouth: Full flat top pouty (dark apricot gloss)
    Character #2: Body: Male athletic body (neutral 03), Brows: Straight medium scar (dark brown). Hair: Undercut short straight texture (brown black), Eyes: Oval wide (grey cool), Face: Male generic, Nose: Button round and Mouth: Full heart natural (neutral medium nude matte)
  • Outfit Details: Character #1: High Waisted Skinny Jeans Denim Blue Oxford, Espadrille Fringed Wedges Suede White Ivory, Stud Jewel Drop and Turtleneck Inner Shirt Cotton Floral Pink
    Character #2: Minor faced watch leather navy, Tribal sleeve tattoo, Beauty mark mole upper lip R brown, Casual jeans denim black, V neck short sleeve polo cotton cool white and Espadrilles Slip On Canvas Complex Color (cool white)
  • Pose: Character #1: idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
    Character #2: idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
  • Author Name: Briana M.
  • Title: Artificial Twin
  • Font & Colour: Bold white and gray font
  • Background: I don’t have a background
  • Additional Info: No

Art scene
Artist: @savage2
Character deets (girl) ink

•skin color: olive
•brows:mature round
•eyes:upturned feline
•lips:full round
Outfit: School uniform

Pose: looking annoying/standing
Additional details:round glasses
Password ceLeSTiaL