The char doesn't want to say the dialogue i told her to!

Hi, The character is doing the animation in the first place correctly nothing to say but she doesn’t want to say:

Who’s there?

And Idk why…

Please help me !! :pleading_face:

You should put some space until it gets blue

Thank you for being this fast

Like the NARR one
CHAR (animation)
Text for the char

Perhaps try to indent the character name and the dialogue accordingly?

I made it before and that wasn’t working too

You should leave some space at the beginning of the line
____________CHAR (animation)
____________Text text

the ___ is space

Still doesn’t work… :grimacing:

Like you did with the NARR

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That’s what I did i also updated the script to be sure

To clarify, you hope to have the character complete the react_startled_embarrassed animation before she speaks, right?

Oh, I think you forgot to reset the speech bubble

It’s still scaled to 0%

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Yes and she did then she faces left that’s perfect but then she doesn’t say the dialogue and the the other animations just after the dialogue that she did not say

Send a ss where it says what’s the problem, may be easier to solve

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I found the problem :joy::joy:
Reset/resize your speech bubble.

Then, it should work fine.

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Thank you so much i thought i did it
thank you all the people who tried to help me it’s just an error my bad… :woman_facepalming:

Haha! Happens to the best of us!
Glad to help!
I once used two hours to figure out what was wrong with my script.
Turns out, I forgot to rescale the speech bubble :joy::joy:

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Yes i always reset it but this time i just forgot :woman_facepalming: :grimacing: thank you again

@Nick you can close this please :blush:

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Sure thing @Sefarii :yay: