The Character Question Game!


One of the things you have to think about when you have a story is the characters themselves. Not only what they look like, but what they act like and think.

So… I thought I would create a Character Question Game!

You ask the person below you a question, and answer the question above your reply.
Include what the character’s name is, and what story they’re from!

I’ll start by asking a question:
What’s your favorite song and why?


Ok, I’m gonna do this for my Fairy Taled peeps, because I have no other characters.
Paige: What is this strange thing humans call music?

What would you do if someone tripped you?


Yes! Fairytaled! :joy::heart_eyes::grin: Thanks for using her!

I will also use Fairytaled. The Character will be… :snowflake: ELANA SNOW :snowflake:

She would turn around and start raging and cursing at the unfortunate soul who tripped her. She would also trip them back.

What would your character do with 1 million dollars?


My character will be:
She’d probably go buy a library.

What would your character do if someone threatened them with a knife? (cough Paige cough)


My character Axelle from Queenstrial (which I am HYPED for) would pull out her own knife and get in a fight with them.

What would your character do if they had a choice between saving their best friend or their soulmate, and why?


Ooh, Good one. (I would like to see that fight)

Hmm, which character?..
Her best friend, because she doesn’t really believe in love. (cough though someone’s trying to change that cough)

How would your character react if someone killed their parent?


For ADRIEN from Fairy Tale-d:

He’d probably murder her person who murdered his parents.

Everyone your character loves and cares about are stuck in a burning building. Your character can save only one person and everyone else would die. Who would they save?


Using Eclipse from DICE:

He would quickly type something into his phone.
“Probably my card playing partner, Scarlet.” the phone’s robotic voice would say. “I don’t give a damn about anyone else.”

Now… what would your character do if the only food they have left is something that they despise?


My character is Drake from Gallileo.
He’s probably eat it anyways, being the good little munchkin he is.

Oops rip forgot question:

What would your character do if the only person left on earth besides them was the person they hated most?


my char. is Persephone from king’s desire
She would probably go as far from her as she could

what would your character do if he/she woke up in an alien spaceship?


My charecter is Saniyah from Breaking the Cycle, and she would probably find a way to adapt to the circumstances and make it her own…

What would your Charecter do if he/she were kidnapped by someone who couldn’t have children?


Alexei from HAVS would probably feel somewhat sympathetic for the person since his adoptive mother essentially cannot either but he is adapted to using (or attempting to uae) solely his mind when it comes to decision-making to attempt to be as rational as possible so he would not trust someone who kidnaps and would attempt to escape.

Your character is home alone but they hear the door open and slam shut before hearing footsteps that seem to be coming closer to their room as each second passes by. How do they react in this situation?


Raven from my unpublished h&v entry would first turn invisible and if it is someone who doesn’t belong there (s)he would attack (and probably win). If it is friends or family (s)he would scare them and then burst into laughter.

The favourite tv-show of your character ended. What would they do?


Torrance from Fallen’s Rehab RP would probably bawl his eyes out, because his favourite TV show is the International Poker Tournament. He would probably complain until the show miraculously returned, or he found another show with lots of cards.

Your character is walking in a forest, when a tree suddenly falls directly behind them. How does your character react?


My character is Madyson from Fairy Taled.
She’d probably jump out of the way, make some mad speak about trees, then jump up on and play on the tree.

You character has the choice to save themselves and lose their best friend, or save their best friend and die.


My character is Soul from Dice.

She’d probably save her best friend and die, just grateful that her best friend was still alive.

Your character gets to change one (and any) aspect about their lives. What would they change?


My character is Piper from Fairy Tale-d.
She’d probably chose to stop the war, so she and her siblings can live without wondering if they’re going to die every single day.

Your character is about to die. They can say one sentence to a person of their choosing. What do they say and whom do they say it to?


From my story still in early developement, I choose Captain Danny Jones from Pirate Quest. He would say to the ghost of Captain Jeoffry “Well then, seems I’m goin to be just like you after all.” Jeoffry would reply “You’re already better than I could have possibly hoped for. I’ll see you soon, boy.”

Your character can alter any one aspect of reality he/she chooses. What does he/she change?


Moved to Forum Games section as that’s our new home for these games. Play on! :v:t2:


Lady Katarina from the Kingdoms forum game would choose to have been born a man; it would have saved her a lot of trouble when her father died, and she would have all the ladies in Kadin at her feet. (That last part is debatable.)

What would your character do if he had to get/change professions.