The Cheering Thread! 😁

Is the opposite…
Of the ranting thread

(Sorry, I just wanted to type like that)

Anyways! Let’s spread some positivity throughout Episode!
Share some good moments that you’ve had! It doesn’t have to be recent, just something you wanna share. And here’s the rules…

  1. No blaspheme or disrespect in any way
  2. No hate
  3. No fights (unless funny ones, ok I’m jk)
  4. No self promo. (ex: Eeeeeek! Guys, wanna check out my new story called “I’m in luv with my besties ex’s sister’s crush!” lolllllll it is so awesome like gurl or boi u need to check it out lololololol!)
  5. Eat Subway.

Anyways! Let’s start!

Do any of you remember about that story I was writing? Probs not.
Anyways, I have like 3 or 4 or 5 in the works (or ones I really want to get published) and I’m like: “Girl, just pick one, it’s not that hard!” Anyways, I started that story like, a year ago I think, and after I basically deleted the entire first chapter (might have kept a few things here and there) I’m almost done with the second chapter.
I just need to go back to the first, reread it and edit here and there, then in the second chapter, I basically have the end of that done, I’m just going to work on the middle of it because I pushed the beginning of it down a bit to make it how I want it to be.
I’m thinking it could be published within a week or two, and I’m really excited for that!


Anyone wanna cheer?

I love my state, and I love my country!
God bless America!

Ah, I should probably write about something that actually happened, eh?
I saw my sister and her family over Easter.



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I saw one of my sisters last week, and that made me one happy girl —
[I don’t see my older siblings that often as they all live so far away]

Just had a really special moment in my life, that I would like to share, you can read it here —

Hehehe, I had subway cookie yesterday on my way to work, was good, good :cookie:

Click here


Bump ‘.’ ^^;

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I am going to become an auntie on the 20th August and I couldn’t be happier! I’m still a teenager though so it’ll be a little bit weird :blush::purple_heart:

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