The chit chat / Appreciation Thread! 💅

Hey lovess :heart:

So again hey my lovess, most of you guys might be like who tf is she? Anyways, if you didn’t know i’m Iqra, been here since November 27th 2018 and yeah the forums is a fun and also at sometimes boring place. Recently, I’ve been feeling bored on the forums and also have not made a forum in some time. Something random, I have a new pfp made by @toxic.dreams and i’m kind of in love with it? Not a sponser lmao, but their art shop is Episode.Delights Art Thread, and its currently open soooo! If you’re reading this Cata, then I already credited you :kissing_heart: Okay, anywayss… I have been SO bored on these forums lately. So this thread is kind of to talk, and hopefully you guys can also meet new people because there are SO many people on forums we don’t even appreciate. This thread is also here to Appreciate others as that’s something we should do everyday!

On with it then? I shall show my appreciation for these people, but if you are not i’m sometimes a dumbbitch and I forget people so don’t take it so hard just comment if I forgot you and then you’ll get edited in here :heart_eyes:

Even if none of these people feel the same, It doesn’t matter now does it?

@maddy_roleplayz Unfortunately, we don’t talk that much anymore but that does NOT mean I forgot you and in fact I never will forget such a sweet person. You were the first person I really knew and you give great advice… so I love you ALOT :heart::heart_eyes:

@Spes We as well, don’t talk anymore but you are a great person. Who cares about others and includes everyone! So I love you dearly :heart::blush:

@Kaju You and I too, don’t talk that much anymore which saddens me because I really love youu. You are so accepting, and nice I just don’t even understand all I can say is ilysmm :heart_eyes:

Those first few people have not been talked to in a while ;( but still love em

@AK16 I actually talk to you, and you have a such a nice / funny personality. You are one of those people who can brighten my day with a stupid comment. I love u so muchh.:heart::wink:

@Qwueen Even thought we haven’t known each other for a long time you and just everything about you is so loveable! So I love you :heart::monkey_face:

@keiji You are so nice and you’re so easy to talk to you it’s amazing! I also love how you come for people :joy: ily don’t forgett :heart::heart:

@loveyourself So we may not be that close, but you still are such an amazing, and “poetic” person. You are really… hmm I guess I could wise but yes, you are amazing :heart:

@YassineCool Even though, you are really um… weird sometimes you still brighten my day when you act norma. But I actually love you :heart_eyes:

Okay if none of you guys love me back just WATCH what’s coming for you. just kidding! But not really…

Now you kids, have fun um, and we can also chit chat so if you need anyone to talk to about life and stuff here we are and here I am.

hey the bitches in the no filter club chat, if you guys think i’m like Idk doing something wrong i’m not. Anywayys, if anybody would like to form a group chat that’s not dead and people actually decide to talk and yeah then you can comment and I’ll only make it once we have everyone interested.

Bye loves


@Turtle_Cat @DogLover990 @sofia2 @epy.queenie @jirri @Florpetal07
Tag others I can’t think of ANYONE


Phew, you didn’t forget me :triumph:
Okayyy okay. So this is the chit chat group?

Why tf haven’t I thought of this :expressionless:

Wait wait, kids?! :scream:

(Maybe I’m going crazy) :crazy_face:

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I love you so much iqra :sob::sob::slight_smile::slight_smile:


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Ly boo :heart::heart::heart: And always will :cupid::cupid::cupid::cupid:

Ily2 :heart::heart::heart:

@Lovelyy_Iqraa you’re so sweet and funny. Thank you, you are an amazing friend :heart::heart::heart:

have we made another gc yet?

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No, do u think i should?

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Thank you :heart:

I don’t know how you handle me.


I am no angel.


I’m a dark angel.


I hope.


Awwww thank you!!

goes to Micheals in honor of @AnimeOtome


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She handles you because even if you’re insane you’re so sweet


I think not. :disappointed:


Sugar is bad for you? :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


Ok, ok. I need sugar.


Beautiful thread :heart:


And you think I’m that sugar??




That’s sweet!