The choices! read my new story

Hi guys!

I just published my first story!
I would love if you would check it out since i worked on it 24/7 for two weeks :smile:


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Wanna do r4r?

This is my story

(Only episode 1 & 2 are released. I’m still working on 3 will be out by Friday)

But_Then_I_Met_You_aV_posterThumb_ZLWegUzHkm (1)

Shoutout to @ArinasDrawings for the cover she created for me.

Title: Reveal: But Then I Met You

Genre: Drama

Description: Follow the story of Sienna, future heir of the world’s most prominent corporation & how she captures the ups, downs, and complications of love, especially with an age disparity.

(Don’t worry the both MC are adults if anyone is wondering)

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I would love to do read for read! I have DM you on insta :smile:

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Hi would you be interested in a R4R? If so here is my story

I would love to! <3

Awesome I will start tomorrow and send you ss!!