The Cliche Machine

This game was created after some hours of being tired and not being able to sleep. Yes, it is a weird game. But…
Note: This is a variation/derivation of this game!

Okay! These are the rules:
♤ You have to create a title as absurdly cliche as you can. Remember that the most popular stories on Episode are related to bad boys, gangs and pregnancies.
♤ The person below you will have to write a brief summary based on what you said. It MUST be a cliché! Then, they’ll have to say a title again, etcetera.


:black_small_square:Person a: Pregnant by the bad boy werewolf.
:black_small_square:Person b: Ashley was a normal teenager who enjoyed doing homework more than she enjoyed parties. She was a nerd. Her world changed when she became pregnant. Who’s the father? The bad boy who is also a werewolf… or not?
Next title: Pregnant by my gang leader vampire singer president.

I don’t know if this is entertaining but…

My title: The nerd who was pregnant by a vampire.


Sarah thought being a nerd was hard enough. What happens when the hot mysterious boy that she got pregnant by on a drunken night turns out to be a vampire.

My Best Friend’s Vampire Boyfriend’s Gang


You were just like every other ordinary girl with a crush on her best friend’s boyfriend. I mean he flirted with you! And he has such cool blue eyes! So you did something you shouldn’t have. You betrayed your best friend and had a one night stand with him. But his vampire gang found out. The first rule of the gang is to never fall for a human- your best friend was an exception because she was a witch. With a gang trying to kill you and him, and your feelings only growing and a baby on a way, will you survive?

My Teacher’s Mafia: A Reality TV Show

Jessica has always been a normal girl, but all that changed when she was forced to move. When she arrived, all she expected was a normal school and normal people. Normal was blown out of the window as soon as Mr. Hottie-Hot, her math teacher, entered the room. He had that bad boy vibe Jessica knew to avoid. And to her surprise, he was a the heir to the underground mafia! Can Jessica resist his mysterious ways? And what would she do if she found out her entire world was nothing but entertainment for everyone else…?

^^Title: Engaged to the Famous Bad Boy Rockstar Who is a Vampire

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For some unknown reason you end up in the backstage at your favourite band’s concert and the hot bad boy frontman instantly falls in love with you after you accidentally bump into him. You are the happiest person in the world when he proposes 2 weeks later even though he has been a player for his whole life.
But what happens when he turns out to be a vampire? Will you still end up together? Or will you find at least 3 other love interests during the story? (Hint, hint!)

Falling for my Handsome Billionaire Gang Leader Roomate


You are the new student at the nest boarding school in the country. You enter your room expecting a girl of your age, but nope! There’s a 25-year-old man sitting on the other bed! Over time you find out he’s a billionaire… and a gang leader? Not to mention how handsome he is… What happens when you start falling for him?

Pregnant by my Sister’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom’s Nephew’s Stepfather Who’s Also The King Of The Country


When Sally Sue stumbles upon the family reunion of her sister’s ex-boyfriend, she is in for anything but a boring time. What happens when Sally Sue has a steamy one night-er with this handsome and charming (surprisingly young) man she thinks is her soul mate? Sally Sue will be in for the shock of a lifetime when she learns he is married to the ex-boyfriend’s mother’ nephew’s mother and the king of their small country! How will she cope when a baby is added to the equation?

The Secret Life of a Pregnant Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid


You never thought your new high school life would involve having sex with a hot vampire wolf! (MATURE 18+ CC )

Moving in with the bad boy who is a prince and your stepbrother and ex and teacher and gang leader

@Willowbean, What is your cliche story title?

You had the most simple life until you were forced to move in with your dad’s bad boy friend. How will you navigate his playboy life style and secret life as the leader of a gang of vampires? What will happen when his rival also sets eyes on you?

Falling For The Gang Leader’s Twin

Moving in with the werewolf gang leader who got me pregnant

Bella is a simple girl who likes to read and is incredibly clumsy. What happens when she gets pregnant by a bad boy vampire werewolf and figures out she’s a witch. Not to mention the gang of mean girls following after her.

The Alpha’s Mate

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The new girl accidentally crashed a party that happens to be in The Eastern Pack’s territory. What happens when she stumbles upon the hottest boy in town, whose happens to be the Alpha?

Pregnant by The Bad Boy’s Nerdy Vampire Brother

A party at the bad boy’s house leaves you more than acquainted with his nerdy brother. Will the true dark nature of this nerdy brother come to light when you learn that steamy night has left you pregnant.

Falling For The Gang Leader’s Twin Again because it never really got used.

You were a nerd, you were convinced by your bestfriend to join a party. But when you found out who the host is, you ran away. What if as you ran away, you bump into a boy, who’s face was similar with the party host?

Don’t forget a new story title for the next person. :smiley:

Oh yeah.

Edit: Dayeem. Why do I have to mess up every second??!!!

Title: The Bad Boy’s Obsession

Sarah was just an ordinary loser who no one knew. What happens when she becomes the new girl in her senior of high school and meets a MYSTERIOUS…ALLURING… BAD BOY. Sarah falls for him fast but is his tendency to follow her around town to save her from creeps and watch her through her window at night as innocent as she thinks??? 16+
[CC. Please keep reading! First 3 episodes are pilot episodes so they’re short but it gets longer!!]

Held Hostage and Pregant by the Bad Boy Gang Leader


At first, Liam kidnaps Ellie, and she hates him and he her. But she sees behind the beast and they fall in love. What will happen when she finds herself pregnant with his child?

My Mom’s Aunt’s Great-Niece’s Brother’s Bestfriend’s Half-Sister’s Father’s Stepson