The Cliche Machine


You have always secretly crushed on your brother’s best friend. But what happens when him and your brother make a deal, and your brother gives away your hand in marriage to become a filthy millionaire.

Selfish much :roll_eyes:

How will your life turn out now that you are forcefully engaged to the bad boy?

My Secret Admirer is my Boyfriend’s Twin Brother


sara is dating Ansley. When she starts receiving notes from her “secret admirer”, she assumes these notes are from Ansley.

What happens when Sara find out her “secret admirer” is actually her boyfriend’s twin brother, mark?

Pregnant by my boyfriend’s best friend


Aiden. Your crush ever since you laid eyes on him. The popular guy at school. What wouldn’t you do to get him? So you start dating his best friend just to get close to Aiden. What happens when on a drunken night, Aiden sleeps with you? And later you find out you’re pregnant!! By Aiden!!!

Sorry :joy:

Next title: Pregnant by my mom’s best friend’s husband.




You’re a shy, timid college girl who has never been in love… until he comes along: your mom’s best friend’s husband!!! Just by looking at him, you’re pregnant! OMG! But is it really his?! Will you succumb to the LIES, LUST, and DRAMA that awaits you??? How many times will you request to re-customize your characters??? Find out here!!!

NEXT UP: It starts with a mailman!


You always receive love letters signed by an “M”. Does M stand for “My Future Husband”, or “Mailman”?

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When We Met

You are a shy girl at your 8th new school. After moving around to so many new schools you’ve given up on making new friends. But what happens when you meet the one person who can change your whole life.

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The Bad Boy on The Beach


Margo was shy girl who loved the ocean. One normal day at the beach, she witnesses a bad boy with cropped hair and a leather jacket kill someone. When the bad boy sees her, he grabs her hand and pulls her to a hidden area. What will happen? Read to find out! :wink:

NEXT TITLE: Falling for the police officer


You are hot bad boy who is player but all that changes when you meet a sexy policewoman. You are one who likes a challenge and will do everything you can to get in her pants. Will you succeed?

Next: Pregnant by a Bad Boy Werewolf Vampire Nerd


You’re a nerd who falls in love with another nerd. Little did you know that “nerd” was just his disguise. He’s a bad boy, half-werewolf, half-vampire (lol), everything you’ve ever dreamed of. One problem, he doesn’t like you. BUT what happens when he gets you pregnant?!

Next: It started with a pair of socks


You’ve left a pair of socks but those are no ordinary socks. You accidentally stole the bad boy’s lucky socks and one night, when you’re in your attic - he climbs into your attic and grabs the socks but those are not the only thing he grabs…

Next: It starts with a chocolate muffin


Chocolate muffins, yumm. They’re your favourite kind of muffins! A new bakery opened in your area and you obviously had to try the chocolate muffins! The muffin was so good that you decided to marry the baker! Read story to find out what happens after!

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Nelly never really has discovered herself, She is straight…at least that’s what she thinks. But will her Best friends Sister change all that?
LGBTQ+ - Not a cliche story Which means it totally is

My teacher is a vampire who is also my boss


You’ve always admired your hot English teacher from afar until you got a job…because it turns out he’s your boss! But you’ve noticed there’s something off about your hot, attractive, sexy, good-looking, handsome, ravishing, didImentionhot boss/teacher: he only comes to work at night, and never opens any curtains during the day. What happens when you walk into him drinking…blood?!

Moving In With a Gang Leader Werewolf and a Billionaire Bad Boy Vampire


Mae always had a boring life, but what happens when she is forced to move into the house of two mysterious bad boys?!

My dad soled me to a vampire bad boy who is also a gangleader and a billionaire


Ever since your mother’s death, your life has been AWFUL. Just when you thought life couldn’t get worse, your father sold you to a billionaire gang leader! Later you find out, he also happens to be a vampire! What happens when he turns your world around and makes you fall for his irresistible charms?!

Next: Pregnant by my twin’s boyfriend while being engaged to a princess


Being engaged to the love of your life is all you ever dreamed of. Except, What happens when on a drunken night out, you hook up with your twin brother’s Boyfriend and find out you are pregnant? Your world will be turned upside down for a second time when you soon discover your Fiancé is a Princess in a race to be crowned Queen. What could go wrong?

Next: In My Tent with my Bad boy teacher who stole my bra while he was in a gang


i love this title

You’re going on a camping trip with your school. What happens when you end up sharing a tent with a teacher? And not just any teacher, it’s the same guy who stole your bra 2 years ago when he was in a gang!

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Okay I just want to say that what @southampton23 said made me laugh the title is so good

Falling for my sister’s friend’s cousin’s friend

Maya is a 16 year old nerdy teen. Her 12 year old sister is on a camping trip with her friend Melissa. Melissa says her cousin wanted to come but couldn’t, and his friend was planning to go there too with Mel’s cousin. Maya’s mother gently offers them to stay over, and one night you sleep with the cousin’s friend…

Next: Pregnant by my gangster who used to be a nerd