The Cliche Machine


Episode 665
Amy lived in the city for her whole life with superheroes and villains. Amy has always
Felt POWERLESS until she meets Zac A Very powerful hero! Who she starts to fall for? But secrets await when finds out they are powerful together and That Zac is a villain.

My Neighbor is a Bad Boy! Episode 35


My Neighbor is a BAD BOY!
I loved him, he loves me. I saw him one day driving a motorcycle. I asked if he’d drive me home. He nodded and took me home, I noticed he stopped at the house next to mine. He told me to go. I said thats not my house. He said it’s his. I felt him hug my waist, and let me go… and I walked to my house. Ever since that day, I’d see him at school… he’s a bad boy…


Crushing on a Robot


I want love said Jack on my favorite show “High Way Love!” I want it to be no one loves me. I’m a geek and a nerd BUT I can make a robot boyfriend. And so she did! She changed everything with that one robot. It was like faith and it was. Can she keep the secret or will it bust out?

Next:You are MY faith!


I was friends with this girl, (char is a girl too) She loved me, and I loved her, she’ll help me alot… with books and everything. Until I fell for her. It’s a secret… but she likes me too. I keep it a secret… and she doesn’t know.

How will you explain to her?

Geeks VS Rebels but i’m in love with one :open_mouth:


Geeks Vs. Rebels …but you are in love with one

Geeks and rebels were always at war. The nerds who would always stick up to the teachers, and the rebels who would always skip school. What happens when you’re a geek who’s in love with a rebel? And you get impregnated by a geek?

Next: The Wolf Pregnacy Pack (lol)


Wolf Pregnancy Pack

You’re a wolf who was abandoned at birth. Now, you’re kidnapped ( then you’re perfectly fine with it ) and you’re crowned Queen of the pack. What happens when you fall in love with a wolf that was banned from the pack?

Good Girl, Bad Teacher


I was always the good girl. Untill I want to a prostegious new school with a sexy bad teacher. It wasn’t long till I fell l for him even though I tried to resist. There was a blond bitch tho. Everything is just peachy now because I married him.

The good girl mafia leader.


I’ve always been a good girl. My husband’s a preacher and everything. But one day, the mob came to town and I had a sexy affair with the mafia leader. Now im prreggo! :hushed:

My Bad Boy is an Unfaithful Werewolf Mob Leader


My Bad Boy is an Unfaithful Werewolf Mob Leader
I have always had a crush on this Bad boy at school. I always wanted him to be mine. Until he told me a secret, and then I’m preg, and then he went away on a full moon. I was looking for him and he turned out to be a Werewolf Mob Leader!

Married to my Bad Boy Dog.