The Cliche Machine


The Sparkling Vampire - When Aria Smith, a totally normal nerdy girl, stumbles into the path of the bad boy vampire, Grayson, she discovers a world of sparkling hotties that will do anything to protect her. (oof that hurt to write)

Next title: My hot teacher vampire bad boy gang leader mafia boss!


One day you enter chemistry class and your prof starts acting strangely around you almost as if wants to bite you.

Your relationship with him is distant until one day, at night you’re walking alone when people corner you.

Out of nowhere your prof saves you and it turns out he’s a mafia boss that runs the most ruthless gang in the city at night.

And, oh yeah he’s a vampire.

Will you be able to resist his dangerous charms or fall hard for him? Read to find out! (*CC) (*Choices matter)

Next title: The Werewolf Falls in Love


MC walks down the street… the full moon glistened in the light. A robber steals her bag, and a mysterious man tackles the man. The man walks into the light, and he’s a FLIPPING WEREWOLF! MC falls in love blushing. She grabs the bag, and the Werewolf kisses her. “I’ve always loved you…” The Werewolf smiles. “OWEN?!”

Falling In Love With My Spanish Teacher…


Mr Spanish was never attractive to you until that sexy party where all the students f*cked their teachers

The Popular Nerd


MC was a Nerd, she began popular after a hot Popular boy came over and made her day, now MC is powerfully a nerd, but It all started with doing there homework…

Dating The Best Boy Ever


Dating The Best Boy Ever

MC loves the most popular boy. He finally noticed her and they fell madly in love.

My Brother, My Boyfriend


MC has the hottest brother ever, she accidently kissed her own bro! SO her own brother even likes her. But then MC’S boyfriend comes by and MC goes CRAZY.

Pregnant by a fish



( What? Pregnant by a fish? )

Pregnant By a Fish

MC fell in love with beautiful mermaid. They somehow made love and now she’s pregnant with a goldfish.

The Most Powerful Being On Earth

The Most Powerful Being on Earth

MC is an invisible nerd that obviously gets bullied 24/7. One day, she wakes up, looking PRETTY AS HELL.
She goes to school feeling so POWERFUL. She could do ANYTHING. Then the hot bad boy obviously falls in love with her!

My sexy vampire gang leader ROOMMATE


Your life is totally ordinary until a sexy guy moves in to your apartment! Can you resist his temptations while finding out his hot vampire secret??

Next on the featured section… My Wolf Pack Bad Boys!!

My Wolf Pack Bad Boys

One late night, when you were walking home from work, you find these HOT boys standing near your home! What happens next when you find out their…secret? CC|CHOICES MATTER|18+!!!|EPISODE 10 OUT NOW!!

My bestfriend’s mom’s friend’s HOT stepson


( I’m having trouble understanding that title, lol )

Bestfriend’s mom’s stepson son something something.

He kissed me. I kissed back. It was hot and steamy, considering it was a hot tub, after all. I loved it as he pulled down my—

The Spy I Used To Love


Jordan Whilicker and Moira Jane used to make the perfect couple until Jordan found out Moira Jane was a spy, he knew he had to end it.

Pregnant by my teacher who’s also my step-brother