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I Fell for my LESBIAN Step-sister

You’ve known this girl for a long time…she’s popular. Everyone LOVES her, and you find yourself falling in love with her. But GUESS WHAT? She’s your new STEP-SISTER! CC / CHOICES MATTER / LGBT+ / INK / CHOICES MATTER

My Gang-Leader TEACHER


My Gang-Leader Teacher

I loved Ms. Bad-Girl. She was so hot and smexy. Then I joined a gang whom she was the leader of. We made out pretty hot and heavy…

My Step-Sister’s Friend’s Brother’s Mom’s Daughter’s Best Friend’s Dog’s Owner’s Sister is in love with me ( gl with this one )


My Step-Sister’s Friend’s Brother’s Mom’s Daughter’s Best Friend’s Dog’s Owner’s Sister is in love with me! MC wrote in her journal, it is a handsome and hot person, it is the cutest person ever… MC blushed as she thought about the handsome they, she loved how it looked at her in her eyes. One afternoon, they kissed and got pregnant.

My step cousin Loves me.


My Step Cousin Loves Me

I never knew I had a cousin, but when I meet my ugly step cousin I decide to run away,
But he finds my elaborate plan and follows me and I have his baby…

CC, Ink, Choices matter, 664,362,364,237,420 Different endings

…I killed my twin sister


…I Killed My Twin Sister

Jealousy and anger are such dangerous evils.
And they probed me to kill my TWIN SISTER?!
Just because she stole my highschool sweetheart…
…or did she? [CC, LL, Choices Matter]

Next Title: Curse You, Agent Reynolds!!!


Curse You, Agent Reynolds!

Agent Reynolds is your hot bad boy, gang leader, friend of your brother who seems to be a “woman magnet” boss. What happens when Reynold saw your threatening side and wants to have infinity babies you, will you keep up his A-GAME? Will you be able to have those 298341908380 babies with him? [Make your Episode Daddy | Customizable, Ink, Choices matter but they actually dont because it only has one ending which is you having the infinity babies with Reynold and you being his 1281th wife | Sexual af]

Next Title: That one hot bad boy gang leader friend of your step brother’s cousin boss


Love your description :joy:

You once slept with a hot bad boy gangleader when you were drunk! You didn’t remember until you saw him again at your step brother’s cousin’s birthday party! All the memories of that night :wink: came back right that moment! What happens when you end up sleeping with him at that party and FIND OUT YOU’RE PREGNANT THE NEXT DAY!!

Title: my hot baby daddy


My Hot Baby Daddy

After every obstacle life has thrown your way, you get sick of it and decide to become a surrogate for a husband and wife. But after a one night stand, you end up getting pregnant. Realization hits you hard when the man you had spent the night with turns out to be the husband.
[CC, Ink]

Title: Fingers Crossed


Thriller: My Serial Killer Bad Boy Mafia Boss


Thriller: My Serial Killer Bad Boy Mafia Boss

I hate him. He is bad – and a killer. He is in the Mafia. He is their boss. And, he killed my father in front of my own eyes. He is obsessed with me.
Then, why do I feel attracted to him at the same time? [Ink, CC, DISCONTINUED!!!]

Next Title: The Doctor’s Little Patient


The Doctor’s Little Patient

I hate what he does to me. He controls me, and I love it. I don’t know why. But no one knows. To others, we’re just a doctor and a patient at a hospital.

Title: College Days: My Werewolf Runaway Bad Boy


College Days: My Werewolf Runaway Bad Boy

You start fresh in a college…which just happens to be near the rumored werewolf forest. You were never the type to believe in those mythical fairy-tales…until you discover the college bad boy to be werewolf…and that too a runaway one.

Next Title: Falling For His Grace


Falling For His Grace:

Joahna Wilson never though he’d love anyone, let alone the ugliest yet most graceful guy in school! When Gracey Grason who mind you is a male, and Joahna are partnered up they fall in love! And an alien may or may not abduct Joahna and get him pregnant! It’s all up to you! (CHOICES MATTER: They really don’t)

Next Title: Jingle Hell


Jingle Hell

Its the best time of the year, Christmas! You’re a nerd on Westfield High but it is a tradition for you to host a party even if no one comes. What happens when all the invitations got sent to the wrong person and you found out they are the bad boys! Will this be the most sexual time of the year or can you not just keep up on their game?

A night on Haunted Manor


A night on Haunted Manor:

You’re a nerd who is dared on Halloween night to visit one of the town’s scariest residence; Haunted manor.
You go with the football captain, dumb but hot, the school’s resident bad boy, hot and an asshole, and a fourth member to balance it out.

The vice principal’s favorite:


You’re a 15 yr old girl struggling in high school. When the principal calls you into his office and tells you to start picking up your grades you ask if there is any other way to raise your grades he replies with… “Yeah LETS SCREAM VINES ALL DAY AND CONFUSE THE OTHER TEACHERS!”

Who are you?:


Who are you?:

You were always a simple girl, and a high school student with a normal life. One day, you wake up in a cold room when a man walks in. He’s a gangster, and you have no idea who he is.

Hot but horrifying:


9:00 You meet a man, Brett Mysler, hot , sweet and smart but at 10:00 He’s a beast, gruesome looking, hot breath, and six eyes? How will you deal with this boy’s transformations?

Why did you leave?


Why did you leave?

Ever since senior year in high school, you’ve only wanted one thing. And that thing? Your bad boy, Brandon Brendon, To come back. It was a hot morning, a monday, when he didn’t show up for school. Since then, you haven’t seen him. Recently enough, you’ve gotten engaged, and your man takes you home. Guess who you see, sitting in that leather sofa also wearing nothing but leather?



My father’s bad boy brother