The Cliche Machine!

Credits to @LumTwo for the original thread and this description :point_down:t2:

Okay! These are the rules:

  1. You have to create a title as absurdly cliche as you can. Remember that the most popular stories on Episode are related to bad boys, gangs and pregnancies.
  2. The person below you will have to write a brief summary based on what you said. It MUST be a cliché! Then, they’ll have to say a title again, etcetera.


My Little bad Boy

You are a teacher who falls for her student. Not a normal student, that student is the baddest boy in that school. What happens when you end up sleeping with your little bad boy?

Next title: Pregnant by my twin’s best friend’s dad’s brother’s wife’s ex boyfriend.

I’ll give a title to start with!

Title: Pregnant by my best friend’s son


Lmao, do you have to make to so twisted?

What happens when you spend your night at your bff’s house and found out you’re pregnant with one of her sons!!!

I Love You, Not.


I always thought I loved you but the truth is you’re too boring for me. I’m more interested in some kind of forbidden romance, you know? Like maybe a gang leader :heart_eyes: Sorry, boring good guy, I love you, not.

Next title: Loving the billionaire vampire


You were kidnapped by a rich vampire. Do you think that he’s the one?


No title? Ok…

Love Dodecahedron (because three love interests are not enough)


You’re the new girl in school. What happens when the twelve hottest guys all set their sights on you? Who will you choose? Who will get you pregnant?

Pregnant by the Gangster Vampire Teacher


Lmao, that was spot on!

What happens when you accidentally fell asleep in class, but you woke up in bed! To make things worst, you’re pregnant by a gangster vampire teacher!

Miraculously Royal


This thread is hilarious :rofl:

Your 17th birthday party didn’t go as planned when the hottest football player at school suddenly proposes to you! Moreover, he’s actually… the crown prince?!

Next title: Mated to the Bad Boy Werewolf Hybrid


You didn’t expect a normal walk in the woods would turn into meeting the bad boy wolf hybrid that was actually… your MATE??! Little Red Riding Hood… take a seat.

Next title: Kidnapped by my best friend’s dad


What happens when your sister gets Yet Another Boyfriend and you’re forced to have a family dinner with the family. Will someone catch your eye or will u just look at the food.

Title: Loving My sisters boyfriends stepdads Brother gangster


How is your story related to the title??

Anyway… You were the lonely school nerd until your sister and her boyfriend gave you a makeover! Suddenly all the school boys AND THE TEACHERS (including your sister’s boyfriend’s step dad’s brother who was your teacher and not to mention, the most feared gangster of the town) are in love with you! What happens when you end up pregnant by your sister’s boyfriend’s step dad’s brother!?

Next title: In your bed :eyes:


You were poor and not loved until you woke up in a millionaire’s bed who changed your life around when you fell in love with him and married him

Next title: Pregnant by my best friend’s brother

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What happens when you wake up from a sleepover only to find your bff’s brother asleep next to you instead… And then you find out you’re pregnant, and that you and your bff’s brother must work together to find your missing bff.

Next title: The Mafia Next Door


You’ve had a crush on your neighbour since childhood! You were like best friends until he moved to another state! Years later, he’s back, even more handsome and richer and your feelings for him are still alive! Only problem: he’s the mafia! But is that really a problem? :wink:

Next title: In love with my step brother


Your mum and her new boyfriend are moving in together but there is not just one addition to your family now…there’s two. You now have a totally hot new step-brother! Will you be able to resist him? Can he resist you?

Falling for the bad boy gang leader


He stole your heart… and you! You’re at the mercy of the bad boy gang leader - can you escape, or will you remain by his side?

Next title: Girl Gang Leader


You are next in line to become the ultimate gang leader. It’s been your dream since you were a child. But happens when you fall for your competitor?

My bad boy cousin


A bad choice at the family reunion leads to a thrilling forbidden romance. Will you be able to resist his charm, or fall for him despite he’s bad for you?

Next title: Falling for my hot step teacher(aka my stepfather)


April (yes i chose dis name cause season names became cliche af) is an ordinary girl, what happens when a new teacher comes to her school and also finds out he is her stepfather? *limited CC

Next: Pregnant by my hot neignbor


After a one night stand with your irresistibly hot neighbour, you end up pregnant…will he help raise the baby? Will you fall for each other while attempting to become parents?
Rebounding with my teacher