The Cliched Game ❤

To play this game, you need to give one cliched story description and the next person has to give the cliched title.

You didn’t except to fall for your sexy boy. But what happens when he pulls you into a world of mafia, drugs and love? YOU CHOOSE!


you became pregnant by the bad boy and your parents kicked you out so you joined a gang and turns out your teacher is the leader and the bad boy is his son! who will you choose? how will you deal with it?

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Title: Guns And Roses

Next Description: You had a one night stand with an attractive and mysterious stranger and ended up pregnant. You go on a mad rampage to find out your child’s baby-daddy, but he came out to be…Your Stepfather?!

You’re invisible at school until you sleep with a bad boy who is also a gang leader, and suddenly you’re popular! What happens when the most popular guy in school and the gang leader fall in love with you?

Title: Loving The Danger

Next Description: You and your Best Friend, moves to Alaska to start a new life, but what will happening when she gets kidnapped, and you have to find the kidnapper, before its to late?

Um this game already exists here: The Cliche Machine

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