The clique: official teaser thread (COVER & DESCRIPTION REVEAL)

Thank you, I love it as well! whoisflattery on instagram is the artist!

More information on the guy on the cover will be revealed as the story release date approaches…


ahh love to hear it! TY!

bump :open_book:

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I was very excited about promoting “the clique” through this thread up until and during release, but since forums is closing on the 28th, I will be moving promotions to instagram, and… SIGH… I suppose discord as well. The effort to save forums is still ongoing, but in terms of being practical, this is the direction I will have to go.

The Clique is my passion project. It’s a story my writing partner and I have been developing for years. These characters aren’t just names on a page to me, and I hope that comes across the day this story gets released. You can find promotions on my instagram and on the episode discord servers or whatever they’re called.

Thank you all so much for the support I have received on these promos so far. It means the world.


It’s really sad, but I’m glad you will continue all of this. Good Luck!

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Announcement: I created a website to post teasers for the clique and all of the stories!


This thread will be closing soon with forums, but in the meantime… here’s a teaser.


Another teaser + excerpt :open_book: :white_heart: