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Yes i am! But i might take a little while as i have one request i have to finish

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Request completed



Looks great. Thank you!

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You’re welcome!

your custome poses are so great :heart:

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thank u sm <33

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No worries I can wait.

Character details


Body: Generic (Gold 2)
Brow: Straight Medium (Straight Medium)
Hair: Medium Messy Fluffy Parted (Brown Black)
Eyes: Delicate Almond (Brown Deep)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Straight Flat
Mouth: Medium Heart (Beige Rose)


Is a transparent one possible? If not then a solid light blue color is fine

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Alright! I’ll get it done as soon as i can

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Heyy @JazzDragon can u give me a update about my request pleasee

Oh ok, It’s fine, im cool with waiting i just wanted to know so i can know if i need to go to a different shop :face_with_peeking_eye:

request completed!


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Thank you so much!! But I forgot to mention can it have a text saying ‘Our school gives each of our students the best opportunity and future!’ And maybe yellow stars as well around the character, please. Sorry again I didn’t mention it earlier.

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dont worry about it! Ill add it now :slight_smile:

here you go!


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Thank you soooo much!! I’ll give 100% credit :))


you’re welcome! thank u <3

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within the next 2 weeks hopefully,but take your time!!x

Request for @april_episode


What would you like done?: Blackish/Greyish smoke floating around (not too visible) and it needs to have some vines and sharp thorns around. There can be some black/dark red/wilted flowers on those vines/ferns too. There could be some blood splatters and bones like skulls littered on the floor.

Would you like overlays (If needed): Mentioned above :smiley:
Anything else?: Make the bg a bit darker and creepy/eerie looking.
Deadline: Whenever you’re done. Preferably by the end of this or next week.

Password- it’s your lucky day! :four_leaf_clover: ( I’m sorry I’m unable to blur it)
I’d like to request from @mimiepi
Style- LL
Character details- the character is a kid ( 8-10 years probably)
Body type- Male Generic Body
brow- Round Soft
Brow colour- chestnut brown
hair- Medium Messy Fluffy Parted
Hair colour- cool dark brown
eyes- Downturned Heavy Lid
Eye colour- brown dark
face- Square Youthful
nose- Hooked Grecian
lips- Medium Heart
Lip colour- beige rose
body colour- neutral 02

Black Skater Sneakers Canvas Grey Black
Emblem Sweater Vest Tie Collar Wool Red Auburn
Executive Boss Suit Cotton Black

I don’t have a reference picture but I’m trying to explain as much as I can
The child is kinda scared and terrified.
It’s an emotional scene
So I’d love to have that effect of gloom and sadness in his eyes

This is the background
Zone 2 is the area where the child is standing
(Only the upper part of the body should be visible.
No need of adding the lower part in the edit)

Deadline- maybe 1 week or so

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Request accepted!! So sorry for the late reply!!

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