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Hi, for my story I was planning on at the start of the story asking, End the episode or Continue with the episode or End the episode but see one extra scene. End episode will end the episode for them. Continue episode would continue the episode for them. End episode but see extra scene would end the episode for them but they would get to see a new scene. I was wondering if anyone could leave me an example of the coding I would need to use.

What would you like to do?
“End Episode”{
goto end_episode
“Continue with Episode”{
goto continue_episode
“End Episode, but see extra scene”{
goto extra_scene

Something like that?
Then where you end the episode, you have

Label end_episode


Would I put goto extra_scene where the extra scene is?

Perhaps word it as “End Episode + Bonus Scene!”

Just looks a little more fluid :slight_smile:

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Yes. You will need a label for each section, so the code knows where to “goto”. Make sure you write it exactly the same.

For the end_episode, you will need one too.

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Thank you for the help I think I understand now. If I do get confused later on can I come back and ask you about my confusion?

Of course. Just tag me.

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