The colour of the skirt somehow changed somehow

So yeah the title is a bit vague, but let me explain.

I made an outfit with a skirt, then I went to the script and looked at the scene… suddenly the skirt I had chosen was a different colour (I choose red and in the preview it’s grey).

Really weird, I double checked if I saved the right outfit etc and that looks normal to me. Is this a bug or something? It’s kind of annoying when you choose one colour and suddenly it’s different in the preview.

The rest of the outfit is the same just like all the other outfits, so maybe you could help me out here!


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Do you have a filter on? That may have something to do with it.
If not, what is the name of the skirt? I’ll see if the same problem happens with me.
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It’s a glitch, I have the same problem every now and then… clothes just changing its colour randomly…

Hi! The name of the skirt is: School Girl Skirt (Cherry Red) and it switches to grey in the preview somehow. Really weird, I don’t think I have a filter on or anything like that.

Yeah I guessed so, annoying though! I had the perfect outfit and then the colour change annoyed me so much… o well guess there’s nothing to do about it, right?

no, although I never seen it while reading story, so hopefully it will work for readers :sweat_smile:

Yeah let’s hope so!