"The Community is Getting Toxic :((((("

Now that all the people who are convinced the forum is toxic are here…

I’ll start off by saying that death threats are never okay, and I’m not talking about people who choose to send them.

I’ve seen a handful of threads talking about how “toxic” the community is and or has become. While I personally do think that the community has become in fact some variation of “toxic”, I also think it’s extremely hypocritical to carefully hand pick what and what doesn’t make it toxic.
You want to talk about what makes this community toxic? Let’s talk about it then.

Let’s talk about how you can’t call out racist, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, sexist, harmful content without getting called a bully or automatically getting thrown into the “moral police”. Or how people constantly prioritize the feelings of someone who has the option to change their repulsive story but refuses to, over the feelings of people harmed by it. Let’s talk about how a victim’s feelings are repeatedly dismissed with “don’t like it, don’t read it”, or how a 12 year old is expected to monitor what they’re reading on an app meant for them, while grown adults could be monitoring what they’re writing. Let’s discuss how tropes like “In love with the 500 year old vampire” or “Dating the mafia boss” are so normalized to the point that people will refuse to acknowledge how these stories affect our actions and thoughts and shape us as people. How is it acceptable that an author can get away with using a hairstyle meant for POC with a mediocre apology in which they make themselves the victim the whole time. (Ex: It’s just a hairstyle, and my step sister’s twice removed cousin who is white wears it too, so it’s okay). Even worse, how can someone accept an apology that wasn’t meant for them or claim to speak on behalf of a whole group of people. Why are manipulative, overly jealous male characters excused of their behavior for the sole purpose of being “hot”. Why is “cancelling” someone more problematic than the action that caused the “cancellation” itself, and most importantly, why in the world are people banned for speaking against these injustices, while actual bullies roam free on the forums.

Every single time I see someone getting called out (after a long private discussion, which may I add, the author completely chooses to ignore), a comment that says “it’s going to hurt the author’s feelings if you call them out :(((“ lingers not too far behind. An author shouldn’t be allowed to write whatever they want if people aren’t also allowed to express their opinion on it.

You can carefully select what you consider toxic all you want, but if you’re going to talk about how much you hate the community, and how “harmful” it is, just stay quiet. You can’t choose what topics you want to talk about and which ones you want to completely ignore.


dude, literally preachhhh
I completely agree with everything you are saying!
I mean what is happening in the world is contrasting with what is happening in the community. It’s sad to see such an amazing community with some great people turning out to be like this! Thank you for taking the time to type this all up. here are some random tags (these people are legitimately the best and they will agree with you as well)
@emmastarz @Amphia @hollywood.episode @queenscribbles @lanafrazer_episode @pilot


Faxs! not even kidding!
i agree 100% with wut ur saying :sneezing_face: :sob:


Thanks for tagging me! And that is definitely true.
No body can choose to only talk about some things and ignore others.

Thank you for writing this!


PREACH!!! You said it all so I’m just gonna give you some applause :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


I agree with the 12 year old part (I have a sister) Whenever I attempt to write a story, I never add anything inappropriate or curse words because I don’t want her to read stuff like that! If there is someone inappropriate or a curse word I put a warning, but only on those episodes. If this app is made for preteens and teens, then other teens shouldn’t be writing stories where a teenage girl gets knocked up, because its not okay! I hate when I’m reading a good story, and then for some stupid reason it ends up with some girl getting abused, or knocked up, if someone gets pregnant in a story, no one wants to read about and see how it happened. STOP WRITING LIKE THIS I hate it!


If I may, I did want to address this point:

As far as I know, the people who have been recently banned were not banned for speaking against injustices. They were unfortunately and unquestionably involved in libel, harassment, and cyberbullying.

Unless there have been more issues with bans I am not aware of?


I can’t agree more with this

People on this community need to take a step back and reevaluate what they’re standing for, if this is the person they want to be

There’s nothing wrong with liking a story, and then realizing that there was something wrong in it, maybe not for you, but for someone out there

That’s why the step back is needed, distance yourself from it and look from a more empathetic point of view, everyone can do this, authors and reader alike can make this happen

The problem with this world is the chronical lack of empathy, put yourselves on other person’s shoes now and then, it’s worth attempting to make someone’s life a little easier, no?

Whether anyone try this or not, the community is toxic, but not for the reason some people are claiming it is


The people I’m talking about never once named the person they were speaking about, so they couldn’t ruin the reputation of someone who was never mentioned. Considering no one was named, I wouldn’t say it falls under libel. From what I know, none of them went on to cyberbully or harass anyone, they simply stated their opinion on the topic in their story (once again, not naming the person in question), which everyone involved did at least once. Maybe we’re not talking about the same people.


Funny how you only choose this one topic to talk about…


Did you ever consider that maybe I don’t disagree with any of her other points or question them? Keep the snark to yourself please :nail_care:
Way to not make the conversation toxic, by the way :joy::wink:


Am I missing something? :grimacing:


Oh, you do? So maybe you should exercise that step back that I suggested up there


I’m sorry, do you have some personal beef with me?
You really need to chill out, and take a step back :grimacing: Hypocrisy isn’t a good look.


It was a friendly suggestion, you do you, my consciousness is crystal clear


Yikes. Okee dokee then :ok_hand:


Don’t worry. I’m missing something too, aze.


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Highkey same. People are getting banned? This community is getting toxic? Lmfao I joined two days ago and its already falling apart


Libel,Harassing and cyber bully is a action meant to: humiliate or slander a person for immoral reasons
It can simple be put as a difference in opinions
And someone calling out something they feel is wrong is not harassment but being honest
Even if you did not feel the same calling those actions such is not good view of the issue