The Confession Thread 😘


Hi! U can confess anything here! I’ll start!
@Sarina.K @k.w.episode @AS007 @S.Dsana @discobot

The Confession Thread!
Chat about anything and meet new friends and people

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@Sarina.K I mostly see u on the forum games section and it’s really fun playing with you here! I love you :kissing_heart:


I love you too :kissing_heart::joy:


ahem ahem


As a forum games buddy


@k.w.episode I’ve seen you on the forum games section too and although you are my enemy in “Username war” and “Warring kingdoms”, I still had fun with u. Love you too!
As a frenemy.




@AS007 I’ve seen u too on the forum games too and mostly on “Ridiculous bans” and “Accusations” thread. I love you too!
As a best friend


@S.Dsana I’ve known you through instagram and here too! U r very helpful and kind! I love you!
As a forum and insta buddy


And finally…


@discobot I have known u since I joined the forums and u r very helpful! U thought me the basics of the forums and might be annoying but I still love you!
As a… :thinking:
As a… :thinking::thinking:
As a… :thinking::thinking::thinking:
As a… Ughhhhhh

P. S I’m saying thanks to prevent u from replying and for… Teaching me things? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Hmmm…can I say something?




I am very young, mind you not a kindy :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww…thank you! :innocent:




-Gives Oreos as a token of appreciation-.


takes one and returns 3 back
<will add more later on if you know in which pattern I’m using>


Dear @AS007
I dont know you at all but i just wanted to say, thank you for everything you do. Your so kind and sweet, plus you make the forums such a better place with your humor! I just felt that i needed to get this off my chest. I dont know what else to say so … if you want to know whats happening read this…

It was a dare :grin:

Love @Wingsoffire