The Confession Thread 😘


@discobot I have known u since I joined the forums and u r very helpful! U thought me the basics of the forums and might be annoying but I still love you!
As a… :thinking:
As a… :thinking::thinking:
As a… :thinking::thinking::thinking:
As a… Ughhhhhh

P. S I’m saying thanks to prevent u from replying and for… Teaching me things? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Hmmm…can I say something?




I am very young, mind you not a kindy :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww…thank you! :innocent:




-Gives Oreos as a token of appreciation-.


takes one and returns 3 back
<will add more later on if you know in which pattern I’m using>


Dear @AS007
I dont know you at all but i just wanted to say, thank you for everything you do. Your so kind and sweet, plus you make the forums such a better place with your humor! I just felt that i needed to get this off my chest. I dont know what else to say so … if you want to know whats happening read this…

It was a dare :grin:

Love @Wingsoffire


Huh? What was a dare? I swear I’m gonna punch something or someone if my name is tagged again like this… (Joking!)

By the power vested in this Not-So-Delightful human being and on the bloody lifeline of Oreos, if you think you're one hell of a cool person to read this frickin' long line, let me tell you that you're a complete moron to do that. You should do your homework, not waste your time on this nuisance. Go pray to God or something. Get together with your grandparents and make talks. Get a new hobby! Do some exercise, you don't look Miranda Kerr enough. Rearrange your bedroom. What? You think Mommy-Poo is gonna do everything for you? And by God's frickin' grace, stop hogging at the face of phone or laptop or (to hell with every gadget in the world!) desktop non-stop! Are you serious? You're still reading this? Well, I gotta tell ya, you wasted such precious amount of time on this crap, child! Because there's nothing here, NO-THING! What?! You thought you would read this easily and attain enlightenment? Freedom from the cycle of birth? Nuh-Uh. Now, get lost. I need to pee...

Confession thread part 2 :kissing_heart:

@Sarina.K I admire you because you are going through so much yet you are still here on the forums to brighten up our day.

@PaulParmar1 I admire you because you and me agree on everything and I love our conversations.

@Episode.Chloexo I admire you for your artwork and also because I enjoy our conversations

@k.w.episode I admire you because you are always really quick to reply on accusations and ridiculous bans

@Chocolate_Mama I admire you because you are marrying @k.w.episode


sobs for 10 minutes

ahem ahem

Darn :sob: Thanks a ton! You just made my day shine so much brighter. I’m glad I know someone like you, even though just here to cheer me up whenever I’m feeling low. Thanks a whole lot!


Awwwww thanks she’s the best person for my kingdom.


Dammit :joy: @AS007 don’t die!

This one’s legit :point_up_2:


You sweet thing


Awww :cry::heart:


What a nice reason to admire me :joy:


What? Who’s marrying who?


Me and @k.w.episode


Is that true?