The Confessions of a Convicted YouTuber { Official Thread }


Congrats!! You made it as a YouTuber after years of work!! Now you’re at the top, competing with people like Markiplier and Pewdiepie. Then you’re accused of murder along with 9 others. Can you clear your name and in the process keep your name going?


  1. Only 10 people can sign up as YouTubers. One slot will already be taken.
  2. Do not start any unnecessary drama.
  3. Do not create any characters with supernatural powers ( telekinesis, werewolf, vampire, etc )
  4. Do not RP for others unless given permission to do so
  5. Do not send out announcements unless given permission to do so
  6. OC only

What I will do

Since this is a RP/SG, I will be sending out announcements like,


I will also create random evidence found at the crime scene like,


Other things to keep in mind

I will pick somebody randomly to be the actual murderer. If you are picked, do not tell anybody that you are the murderer. This will result in a kick from the RP and the murderer will be re-chosen.

I am not going to put whoever did it in prison. You and the other RPers will chose who you think did it to put in prison. I will announce whether you put an innocent person in prison. If you are convicted and are put in prison, you are welcome to create another character or to continue by breaking out.

The forms

YouTuber form

Forum name:
RP name:
Channel name:
What genre do you specialize in? ( Gaming, beauty, art, etc ):
Anything else:


Forum Name:
RP name:
Anything else:


Forum Name:
RP name:
Age ( 25+ ):
How long you’ve been working as a detective:
Anything else:

Role availability

  1. @ThatRandomPerson
  2. @dqrkskin
  3. @HermanEpisode
  4. @eden.episode
  5. @meadowh
  6. @livvy613
  7. @Coolepisodes
  1. @C_ssie
  2. @livvy613



RP name: Redan Woods
Age ( 25+ ): 27
Bio: Redan grew up in the foster system his whole life, his parents having died on a plane crash. Redan since graduating from high school at 16 started college, and his career as a cop—however, during that time, he has never fallen in love, and doesn’t plan to.
Personality: Redan is more of a cold shoulder, he’s mysterious—and hates most people if you can even call it that. He finds it fun to drive up to people in his car and see there reaction…
How long you’ve been working as a detective: 4 years
Anything else: Nah…


RP name: Waylon Taylor
Channel Name: By The Wayside
Age: 18
Bio: When Waylon was younger, his twin brother Oliver passed away. He had jumped out a high window and fallen to his death. This scarred, as he watched as his brother plummeted to the ground and hit the concrete. This caused him to be the technical firstborn, even if his brother was born a minute earlier than him. He began to blame himself for what happened, and decided never to speak about it to anyone. He didn’t end up having too many close friends and distanced himself from his family, only talking about a few things if they’re needed. Because of all this, he began to immerse himself in his art and photography, creating a channel to show his work.
Personality: He can’t help but be suspicious of others. He’s always worried that they might have bad intentions when associating with him, especially in these circumstances. Also, due to what he experienced with his brother, he is afraid of getting close to people. He is reserved as an acquaintance, but if you really get to know him he can be talkative and seem a lot happier.
What genre do you specialize in? (Gaming, beauty, art, etc): Art and film
Hobbies: Photography, painting, filming, taking walks, and editing images.
Anything else: He has a hidden collection of pictures


RP name: Ellen Hills
Channel name: EllenCup
Age: 21
Bio: She lived in a small house in Orlando, Flordia, and she lived with a couple people, she moved to go to LA and started her own YT channel, soon she gained subs, but in the past she had been abused and lots of teen stuff happened… but… she’s still strong.

Personality: She’s a funny and cute girl, and loves gaming, and dressing up. Since she was 6 she dressed up, and played now she picks that up from being 6 and catwalks to the new YT base.

What genre do you specialize in? ( Gaming, beauty, art, etc ): Cosplay,Gaming, Singing
Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Gaming, Sleeping, Cosplay.
Anything else: She has a cat named ginger.


Name: Bronwyn Zatara
Channel: Bronwyn Z.
Channel Genre: Music
Age: 16
Personality: Sweet, Kind, Usually serious, Caring
Bio: She was born April 21, 2002 and grew up a relatively normal life. Her father died when she 11. To cope, her started drinking, dying when Bronwyn was 13. She now lives with her aunt and uncle, her channel mainly focusing on her music.

Hobbies: Singing, Guitar, and Ukulele.

@livvy613 ( YouTuber )

Name: Oasis Kala
Channel: Kalsis
Channel Genre: Music, Gaming, Comedy
Age: 17
Personality: Sassy, Sarcastic, Funny, Annoying, Sweet, Kind
Bio: She was born June 13, 2001. Her mother died in childbirth. Her father blamed her for her mother’s death, abandoning her at a young age. Since then, she was in multiple foster homes and started her channel when she was 15. Since then, her channel has grown to 5.7 Million subscribers.
Hobbies: Singing, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Contortion.


Role play name: Ashley Sommers
Channel name: AshGames
Age: 23
Bio: She started YouTube when she was 18. At first she specialised in beauty and gained her followers with her clever makeup hacks and and amazing beauty ideas. After her second year on YouTube, she extended her channel to gaming and uploaded one gaming video every Tuesday and one Beauty video every Friday.

She loves choose-your story games (indie games such as Until Dawn, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead and Detroit Become Human) and games where your choices matter etc, and she loves natural makeup looks. She especially loves horror and dark stuff, on the rare occasion she will post story times about paranormal experiences or just funny stories that have happened to her.

She has 15 million + subscribers and looks up to Jacksepticeye who is her favourite youtuber. Also she loves Shane, the queen of YouTube. :heart_eyes:She has been in beef with many youtubers in the past, but always seems to get away with anything she does, even if called out about it

Personality: bold, persuasive, funny, charming, argumentative, hotheaded, sometimes bitchy but mainly likeable

Genre: Beauty and Gaming

Hobbies: Art, singing (in her spare time) keeping up with her social media etc



RP name: Taylor Walker

Channel name: It’sTaylor!
Age: 17

Bio: Taylor dropped out of school to pursue being a professional youtuber. She always loved making videos but never considered doing it for a profession. At the age of 16, she dropped out when school started going downhill. Along with being a youtuber, Taylor also models and dances. She wants to apply to college to learn about marketing and business, and possibly start her own. She has 5 million subscribers and 3 million instagram followers.

Personality: Taylor is strongly opinionated in women’s rights. She gets easily offended and will often pick fights. On the flip side, she can be sensitive and emotional. She is passionate and bold. She stands by her friends and family no matter what, and will not hesitate to defend those she loves.

What genre do you specialize in? ( Gaming, beauty, art, etc ): Vlogging

Hobbies: Makeup, dance, reading, hanging out with friends




It’s late at night. You’re finishing up a new video for your devoted viewers, but you need some food. Go get some at the local diner, and who knows? Maybe you’ll bump into someone?

@C_ssie @HermanEpisode @livvy613 @Coolepisodes @eden.episode @meadowh


Waylon Taylor

After a whole day of photography and editing, Waylon finally finished his video. He scheduled it to upload tomorrow before getting up and stretching. His back cracked like leaves crunching under one’s feet. He made his way to his car and drove to a local diner he never could get tired of. Once he made it there he made sure to pat down his shirt a bit to try and get rid of some of the wrinkles. He then entered and waited to be seated.



Ellen Hills

Ellen yawned, after hours of editing and recording. She did a Cosplay of Alice Angel. Now wait, a long time of washing it off! She washes it off, and She groans as she talked about that, but she was starving. She got up, and started walking downstairs, she saw a whole bag of chips. But… I have to be healthy… She sighed, and looked at her clothes… it looked okay for the public… a sweatshirt dress.

Ellen sighed, and walked her way to the car, she was gonna go Panera. She drove there, and the sign showed it’s name. “I’ll take a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel.” Ellen says, to the cashier. The cashier nods, and grabs the food she wanted, and gave it to her.

Ellen looked around to where she could sit, she saw not a lot of people. She sat down, near the window… the seat was cold… like the winter snow. Ellen ate her Bagel, enjoying it.



Oasis Kala

The cool breeze makes me shiver. I’ve never really liked the cold. I’d rather be warm. Especially on a night like this.
I finished editing my ‘ Draw My Life ‘ an hour ago, and it made me extremely hungry. Then again, I usually am hungry 24/7.
The only reason I’m not driving to the diner is because I don’t feel like getting gas right now…plus, it’s so expensive. So, I’m walking. It’s not far, probably a few blocks.
I enter the diner about 10 minutes later, and let out a sigh of relief when I feel the heat hit my face. I wait to be seated.