The Conspiracy Theory Thread!

This is just a thread to share conspiracy theories! I have some, so if u want to hear them, they are below! I have always loved these types of things, so that is one of the reasons I made this!

1.) The government is behind mass shootings/ shootings in general! This may sound crazy, but just think about it! There are school shootings, and other shootings that happen. After each one, the US government talks about gun laws, and a whole sort of rally begins to have stricter laws! Then the news talks about it but after a few weeks/days, nothing changes. Then a few weeks or months later another shooting happens, and the exact same thing happens! Maybe I am just a weirdo, but it makes sense to me!

2.) The media is with the government to hide their secrets! Has anyone else found it weird on how the media always finds the worst things, but never on the government? Whenever they are leaked, they barely even talk about it, and everyone seems to forget about it, compared to the other bad events that it talks about! This is pretty far fetched, but again I believe it…

Share yours below, or leave your thoughts on mine, or someone else’s!


Billie Eilish sold her soul to the devil, I mean just read the lyrics of “Bury A Friend” with that context in mind and then bam, all of the evidence is right there in front of you!


There is a cure to cancer out there and the government is concealing it because cancer is a billion dollar industry. (there is a ton of evidence to support this, you can look it up!)


i was just about to type that- i agree tbhh


The government is behind all the mass fires.

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All of you are wrong.

Government workers don’t care about their jobs that much to do all that :joy:


True :joy:


Chuck E Cheese pizza is fake.

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The government has a lot of things. They definently do have the cure. I mean, if they have resources for a person to grow body parts (They put something in this women for her to be able to grow an ear in her leg), they definently will have the cure.

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yep, I always listen to it, and it makes u feel like u want to end your life. Her music video scares me a bit but not that much.

All fast food is fake :joy: and thats how I like it

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Ok so this is heavily impacted from Shane’s conspiracy videos and Buzzfeed so yeah

Rugrats theory - all the babies are a figment of Angelica imagination or dead

All of the Rugrats are dead and figments of Angelica’s imagination. Chuckie died with his mother, which explains why his father, Chaz, is such a mess. The main character, Tommy, was a stillborn and his death had a lasting effect on his father: Stu’s obsession with making toys stems from the trauma of losing his son. As for Phil and Lil, the twins with slightly ambiguous genders — their mother, Betty, had an abortion. Knowing that Betty was pregnant and then not, Angelica didn’t know the sex of the baby and thus created twins to include both sexes.

Fairly Odd Godparents theory - Cosmo and Wanda are drugs

Wanda is Prozac and Cosmo is Zoloft. It has been stated in the show that the fairies will only be around when Timmy needed them. Also, don’t forget the side effects when Timmy abuses their “magic”.

People are being invaded right now by aliens and they’re stealing our supply of bagels

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This shit will get me ssoooo mad if it is true! I raged when I read this…

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This is mostly a conspiracy theory of my co-worker:

“Nipsey Hussle’s death was a joint operation from the Los Angeles Police, DEA, and the Illuminati.”

I know some ppl who think Roddy Rich had to do with his death…

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All of that to me sounds kinda far fetched doe…it took all of them to kill him?

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He was telling me about there’s a video of a white car parked just before the shooting and its completely gone afterwards. He said Nipsey was gonna have a big meeting with the city government and police on how to improve relations with the black community.

He thinks the LAPD wanted him dead to keep things the way they are (doesnt make much sense since better relations makes it easier for cops to solve crimes with community support but whatever :man_shrugging: )

He said the DEA was always raiding him for stupid shit so theres that.

As for the illuminati bit, he’s a big believer that the illuminati controls rap and Hollywood and all that junk.

Some of his theories I enjoy, some I dont care for. You never know what you’re getting with him lol

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