The Continuation of the GP

If you did not read the first one just type Group project and look for GP… I HATE THEM!
So as I got home Reneesme texted me, When is that mind map gonna be done, Oh she only cares about it when we have 5 days left to finish it, so mature.
I told her to just send me her part of the work and mine was already done, she does and I cried that day, I just cried, I was like you know what I do not trust these girls, give me those things, I’ll do them myself and Immediately I opened the audio I could not believe what was playing back to me, I hadn’t even heard these girls voices 'till now
Bloodraynne: Her real voice was not at all monotone but the worst part was here audio was 16 mins and it was meant to be 4 (meaning one person does 2 another 1 and another 1)
and Raneesme, she had the thickest almost undecipherable Asian accent I had ever seen, could not do this alone but PMing R and B was not an option here so I invited some friends over on the last Sunday before the start of school we got it done and at 12:pm R PMs me and says did you get it done and I said I finished it after 8 hours of editing and she said, oh ok.
The work I had to do was so imbalanced compared to the other girls because they did nothing, then I thought wait I’m the one doing everything, I have final say what goes into the project and what doesn’t, it’s a dog eat dog world out here guys, sometimes the best types of revenge are the ones executed passive aggressively after the storm when everybody least expects it

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