The Crazy Forum Fam ~ ¤ff¡¢¡@| ®P


Sign up at The Crazy Forum Fam RP (faceclaims): before RPing!

This RP is about a Crazy Forum Fam who has been chatting with each other for a long time. They trust each other and have a really strong bond.

Some have already married with each other, maybe even have kids. Some have fiance/fiancées, some r still single, some well… Have only relatives of course.

One day, they decided to meet up with each other and this… Is where the story begins…

How to RP?
Just put your name then narrate what u would do.

I walked to the front door and went out of the house.

Or u can do it as the second person, or the third person as well.

I would like if y’all use “> (username)” then what u wanna say if u r texting to the group.


Good morning y’all! :slightly_smiling_face:

 > **Tiramisu**
Good morning y'all! 🙂

More details of the RP that wasn’t mentioned before
U will meet up at one of your friends house, which is really hugeee. It also have tons of games and anything u will ever need!
sounds great right?
But… If u decide to not stay at the friend’s house, u can rent an apartment and visit the friend’s house anytime. But u will have to find a job first if u don’t have the money. U can also rent an apartment with someone, as long as u can pay for the rent.

This is a reality TV show where these friends r invited to stay at a house. They will be living in a big room and

How to get to the friend’s house?
U can either live near there, or live far from there.
U can use your own legs, go there by car, bus, ride a bicycle, take a train, fly in an aeroplane, and whatever that helps.

What about family?
U might or might not be doing a secret project… That might make u famous or something… Most parents should approve it (this ain’t really important but… :woman_shrugging:

Nothing much, just blurring or asterisk the cuss words and follow the forums rule and I guess that’s it?

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The Crazy Forum Fam RP (Sign ups thread)
Wedding Thread for The Queen’s Of chocolate kingdom!

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I walk up to the mansion and set down my bags. I look around to try and find my friends.



Nooo waittt


Orp star can we plz start lol


Ahhh things aren’t set up yettt


Orp wdym by approachable and what’s your face claim?

The Crazy Forum Fam RP (Sign ups thread)

Orp my fc is me so I’m not gonna send it. You guys already know what I look like.


Orp are we starting?


I said it on the other thread




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I walk up and see Amani.
“Hey girl! How are you?”
I smile at her excited to se her.




I see Amani and Chay in the distance. Only the blaring sunshine obstructing my view, but using my hand to shade my eyes, I could clearly see it was them. I rushed up to them from behind and yelled, “Boo!”