The Crazy Forum Fam ~ ¤ff¡¢¡@| ®P



“What’s up”


“I’m just, existing. I guess. You?”


“Hmpt. Me too.”


ORP: :joy: I don’t even remember where Megan is!


Orp: huh.



Sits with Jess and waits for someone to speak.



After all that I fell off the bed cause I’m a stupid idiot.


I ran downstairs, looking around to see who to talk to. “I look so cute in overalls.” I quietly spoke



She sits patiently in her bedroom waiting for the forums to come back to life so she can ignore her life.



I walk to my bedroom and go onto my phone and start texting my mum to tell her whats up.

Hey mum! I just woke up and landed her at this random place which is a reality TV show, which is why I’m not in my bedroom, I didn’t sneak out, I guess someone basically kidnapped me, but anyways I’ll be fine here, and I’m talking to a few people, there’s already been a food fight, and I kinda like someone called Stephanie! Stephanie is so dreamy though! You should meet Steph! Anyways mum, some people are like my rivals cuz some other chick totally loves Steph. Her name is Meadow like what kind of name is that?? Anyways I’m fine and safe, if anyone tries to do anything I’m going to pick up my bags and drive right home even though I don’t have a car, you can just pick me up you know? Anyways mum nice texting you please respond! Toodles! -Anna


ORP : I’m going to leave my phone on and someone like Meadow can see the text and do something?


Orp: sure but I’ll have to do it tomorrow hopefully


orp : Okay


orp: We are finding a spot for you