The Crazy Forum Fam RP (Sign ups thread)


This RP is about a Crazy Forum Fam who has been chatting with each other for a long time. They trust each other and have a really strong bond.

Some have already married with each other, maybe even have kids. Some have fiance/fiancées, some r still single, some well… Have only relatives of course.

One day, they decided to meet up with each other and this… Is where the story begins…

P. S. tag everyone

Just answer 4 questions
If u r tagged u have been signed up to sign up for this RP (aka u r in the chats) but it is OK if u don’t wanna but it is better if u do cuz the INVITE button doesn’t work rn

Here r the Face Claims
And here is the Sign Up Form

The Crazy Forum Fam ~ ¤ff¡¢¡@| ®P
Wedding Thread for The Queen’s Of chocolate kingdom!

i will make the real RP thread soon


Should I start tagging?


here is everyone


should the form be just


Was dis?


The invite button for the groupchat (one im in with friends) has disappeared so we are all using this to communicate, rp and stay calm. In the gc we have over 30+ people but we cant invite all of them for some reason.




Have you asked @Sydney_H


Yes. She said shes going to talk to the higher ranks about this.


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