The Crazy Monkey's Story Review Requests (CLOSED for a few days)

You can now request for story reviews from our wonderful team!!

Story Reviewers:

:point_down: All you have to do is fill out the form below by clicking that blue highlighted words :point_down:

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Waiting List

  1. @RainbowCat
  2. @Rainbow_Cat
  3. @AdyElly
  4. @AdyElly
  5. @Maya6
  6. @kahotshot
  7. @kahotshot
  8. @Madhu
  9. @epi.Blue
  10. @Megz_Episode
  11. @Marshmallow_O
  12. @JannahJackson
  13. @StarMaryGoth
  14. @elliewrites.episode
  15. @TLdax913

I have submitted one.

Great! Thank you so much for requesting, I’ll update the waiting list soon!

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I already submitted.

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Thank you!!

Actually i am going to lock my story within few days…I would love some review before i do that. because i am revamping my story…can u guys let me know when it will be done…It’s kinda urgent and i am not meaning to rush you. I would love some extra corrections for my story.

Oh okay. I’ll tell the girls or do it myself

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Thank you for understanding. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea no worries

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I have personally completed your review request. It will be posted very soon! :slight_smile:


Okay. Thank You.

May i know when u will post it? i dont mean to rush u

I already posted it, but I do need to repost it because I want to add something

may i know where? oh okay i can wait for some time.

It’s on Instagram. I tagged you. I will be reposting it soon. So tell me when you read it. Better yet, just leave a comment!

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I’ll also tell ya when I repost

hey umm i am currently not active on insta could you send me review in forum if u dont mind?


Yea sure. I’ll send it soon. The review was done by the amazing @mollie.stories

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Seriously thanks to @mollie.stories for her review. But due to personal reasons, i am not able to open my insta, i am so sorry for this.

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It’s most certainly alright! No need to fret. I’ll send it to you as soon as possible

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