The Crazy Royal Chocolate Mafia Cult Fam Tree


I am making The Crazy Royal Chocolate Mafia Cult Fam Tree!
To be able to keep the tree up to date please post any changes to the tree here!
Eg. Changes to usernames, Children, Marriages, Divorcees, Exes, Genders ect…


@theother51, @Tellyg47, @16AngelCat, @24aya, @loveyourself, @RawrFlurry, @Nightary, @Manik, @k.w.episode, @Artistofepi, @kerubiel, @jenna1012,, @XMysteryX, @Iffy, @Whispering_Flower, @chicken, @potato, @Tea, @Eleanor_W-15, @stephp99, @KQUEEN, @LukeDaCat, @Zentacular, @meadowh, @dqrkskinqueen, @WinterMoon05, @Chocolate_Mama, @love, @ihicks01, @annamariez, @BrookieK, @woIf, @Firely_epi, @ChayChay, @FinnTheGhost, @lilysmith10, @Thequeen1000, @Charity1226, @LHT, @Cam, @FallenAngelNight13, @Lady-Mehek, @SillyCupcake22233, @Once, @ScarletSwanHunter, @Yeah09, @mage158, @Purple_Ghost, @Sushi_lol, @Secretz_lol, @SilverStar, @Caroly.episode, @shwetamehra, @Sophbee, @AS007, @Coolepisodes, @Brooklyn_writes, @Shadowbae, @Sarina.K, @Grace_Stars, @annamariez, @Days, @Killerfrost, @_Nasia, @Episode.Cameronwrite, @CrazygirldY_dY_dY, @Franciscax1, @VenusPeach, @JHW, @LeviTheLunatic, @Aims1141, @LorethA . I think that that is everyone. But I might have missed some.

So not to get this topic closed let’s try to not post random chat here. You can use our other thread to post random chat! I have linked the other thread in this first post.

The Royal Cult 👑

oh damn hi




Second … Or third lol


What up!!! I’m here…


The tags took me so long!


ayyye it’s the CRCMCF tree




Could you change my gender to male @16AngelCat


Yeah. What gender did the tree put you as? The tree seems to like deciding people’s genders for them! :joy:




Oh okay.


You know I might have a father … depends if he agrees to adoption lol


:’)) im actually tagged


Everyone on the tree is tagged! I think that you are on there twice!




Ello ello ello






Heyo. I ain’t apart of the family but still here saying hello. :joy: