The Creepy Nun's outfit contest

So, as I said earlier, I am currently working on a story and would love some clothings for a guy
The vibes I want the clothing to give the reader includes:

  • Sweet

  • Independent

  • Reliable

  • Tustworthy

  • Friendly and Outgoing

  • Cute
    Remember, Deadline is January 20th
    Thanks to all episodians that decide to help :smile:
    The rewards are:
    A free edit from me + A shoutout in my story

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Thanks Syd, had no idea where to put this

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LL or INK?

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LL, sry
Had to put it in the thread

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I thought people were often active about these kinda things
But I guess I am too mean for sb to help me

I can try and create some though I don’t really use LL that much this is an example of an character I have made

I can try and create some more for you in the more sweet fibe if you want

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can you do something with this @TheCreepyNun?

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Looks cute! Thanks for entering!

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no problem !

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Here’s some ideas…
Kinda hard to create the right outfits without your character details but might help…



(without Jacket)





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They all look super cool! Thanks for entering!

Didn’t realise it was a contest to be honest. No need to enter me, just thought I’d make a few up anyway :slight_smile:

Although now I realise it is a contest, you may want to change the title to outfit contest not outline)

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