~ Vesna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You haven’t taken a math class? How… concerning.” Vesna points at the plus sign, “You’ve never taken a math class before? Even a baby could figure out what this means.” Vesna then flicks her hair with a ‘hmf’. “What did you say your name was again, I guess I didn’t bother to right it down to remember.”




Candace eyed her suspiciously, as if the bright bubbly girl she had met suddenly transformed into someone she didn’t know. Sure, they had only met a few minutes ago, but it didn’t take long for her to become attached to someone. “Candace,” she said. “Are you feeling alright?”



~ Vesna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vesna steps forward just a bit to intimidate Candace, “I’m feeling great. Almost… in complete joyful bliss. I could just-” She steps forward once again, “Steal that questionable smile right off your face.” She then quickly turns her back to Candace, “Say, Candace, remind me again why I was talking to you?”




Walking backward with every step that she took, Candace continued to eye her skeptically. Only did she take a step forward when Vesna turned her back, losing her ‘smile’ in an instant. If she wanted to be a different person, so could she. “I don’t know, but I seem to recall you conversing to me in the first place. Undoubtedly you remember that.”



~ Vesna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vesna deeply sighs, of course the other half did this to us - to me. “I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly, I must have been thinking you were someone else… entirely.” Vesna replies with a hint of disgust in her voice, “Anything else? This conversation is going no where.”




“No, not really I guess,” Candace said bluntly. “Why? It’s not like some bad chick like you would ever want to go to class, now would you?” At these words, she felt her feet leave the school floor, nor did she bother to look down. At this point, she didn’t care if Vesna looked at her or not, but commenting was another thing. She didn’t want that to happen.



Sully Winters

Just my luck the plane was delayed. It was about 2 days after that we could leave. When the plane finally landed a car was waiting for me. It was about a 3 hour drive to the room. After reaching I put all my boxes up. I went straight to the school and tried to find the principals office. I found the office and got everything that I needed. I went looking for my locker, I eventually found it and started decorating it.




She walked in the halls Looking around “I’m so glad King Triten Also Known as Posidan let me change my tail for legs…but I still turn when I rich water…” She mummbeled



ORP Also Guys Check out the dorms it’s on the first post



Bell Rings

Gym Teacher

All right girls, great job for today! I will see you all tomorrow!

I went back to girls locker room to change clothes. After I change, I left the girls locker room. I was walking down the hall as I was looking at my next class schedule. I got math class next.

I need to get my math book. I went to my locker, grabbing my book. I closed it, I noticed there was a brown long hair girl @dramaqueen.episode was decorating her locker.

Why would she decorate her locker? What a weirdo. I think to myself, then I saw a black long hair girl @UltimaW is looking around the hall.

Is that girl lost?


Moon And Keke

“Keke Were are you?” Moon Said And Found Keke “My Cousin Who’s daughter Of Hades” Keke said Teasing moon “Im so glad you could make it my cousin who’s daughter of Posidan”

Moon Say Ayumi And Waved @Ayu “Who’s she?” Keke Asked
“That’s Ayumi nice girl here” Moon Responded



I heard a shout, “Keke, were are you?” I saw it was Moon walking toward her. Then they started talking to each other.

Oh, it seems Moon know her. I thought she didn’t have any friend. I think to myself.

Then I noticed Moon wave at me which she never done that before. I just gave her a small wave back which it’s making me uncomfortable.


*Moon and keke

Keeps talking



Well, whatever. I should get to class. I went to class.

I walked in and took a seat at the back class. I opened the book to read for a bit, then I saw a shadow that was blocking the light. I looked up and saw three girls staring at me.

“Can I help you?” I asked them.

“Yes, we do. We notice that you were hanging out a girl called Moon.” First girl said.

“Yeah, so what if I do.” I said to them.

“I think it’s best you stop hanging out with her.” Second girl said, crossing her arms.

“Why should I do that?” I asked, curiously.

“Because we said so. Now are you going to listen to us or what?” Third girl said, flipping her hair.

I sighed, Who do they think they are? Telling me what to do or who not to hang out. What annoying b****.

“No, I won’t listen to you.” I told them.

“If you don’t listen to us, you’re going to regret it!” First girl yelled me.

“Oh really?” I stood up and gave them a glare as they took a few step back, “I’m gonna tell you this. You got five second to leave now or else.”

“Or else what?” Second girl said.

“Or else, I’ll kick your a**!” I kicked the desk. It fell to the ground.

They were in shocked and scared at the time. “Hey, let’s leave now before she hit us.” Third girl said, frighten.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Second girl said, pulling her friend’s long sleeves.

“This isn’t over, I’ll be watching you.” She said, pointing at me. She and her friends walked out of class.

I rolled my eyes, Stupid b****! Next time if I see them again, they’re gonna down! I picked up the desk and sat back down, continue reading my book.


~ Vesna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Bad chick. I’ve been called alot worse.” Vesna crosses her arms and looks for an exit. Vesna wondered if she should trick Candace into saying her name to switch her back and totally sabotage the ‘nice’- Vesna. This side of Vesna figured if she sabotaged the nice enough, the nice would always revert back to the correct Vesna. “Could you do me a favor and say my name again? My whole name?”




Refusing to swear at the girl, she bit back her lip, biting back her words in the process. One was a sweet girl that fit her look, but this one, it was actually a bit funny. Though when she asked to say her full name, she wore a look of curiosity as all anger subsided from her body. “Sure,” she said, her feet raising off of the school floor. “Vesna, happy?”



~ Vesna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vesna eyes soften as she returns to normal. Oh no it happened again. At first she doesn’t say anything, unsure if Candace is going to hit her or slap her which has been done in the past. Vesna looked at Candace, and she looked beyond pissed- and the only reaction Vesna could think of was to break down and cry. “I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Vesna looks up at the ceiling to hide her eyes from Candace, “I should go.”



ORP @Ayu are you up?


ORP: Yeah.


ORP wanna do that sence with your char when she’s a guy with my char?


ORP: Dance? Is there prom or what? Which char?