The date of the release of my story

I am a new writer, and I was planning to release my first story tonight. I just wanted to tell you guys. So I had planned to take it out around 8pm-10pm , tomorrow or another day ! :grin: it depends on when I finish it! If I release tomorrow or another day i will make another post (the name of the story: the unknown) image


You should put a little black outline surrounding the letters because you cant see the first letter because the blend into the first character wearing all white.

What is it about?

It about a girl who think everything is fine but when she got a text her life changed then the person who send the text started to threat her then she had to find clues and stuffs like that then she had to do sorts of missions so you can find out who is it and why the person do that etc etc (i don’t reallly spoil it)

And okay !

I can only give you one clue and it is : there’s not just one main character