The Days of Endurance Forevermore [RP CHAT]


The Days of Endurance Forevermore

In late 2021, the world was stricken by unevitable chaos - constant hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis tortured the people - everyone was sure this was the end, some people were so sure they took matters into their own hands … and escaped. These people formed a group, led by a man called Tom Landham, a man you are only allowed to referance by calling him “The Great Leader”. The group called themselves “The Days of Endurance Forevermore” - or “The Days of Endurance”, for short. They took flight down to a big bunker built during the second world war, and vowed to stay there forevermore, and to create a new society where chaos wouldn’t be unevitable - where chaos wouldn’t even be possible. The perfect society.

People from the outside started joining the group as the world outside the bunker was beginning to become more dangerous every day. Soon there were thousands of people stacked like sardines in the bunker, sharing food that came in tin cans. Eventually, some of The Great Leader’s followers proved to be more competent and skillful than others, and helped The Great Leader put down one of The Days of Endurance’s ground principles - the six groups.

Info about the groups:

Teresa Vanderbilt, a former nurse, helped establish The Healers - the group responsible for helping the sick, the harmed and the elderly.
Sean Bernard, a former chef at Next, a five-star restaurant in Chicago, helped establish The Cooks - the group that provides food for everyone.
Greta Maurson, a woman in her late seventies whose garden was more beautiful than anything anyone had ever seen, helped establish The Growers - the group that takes care of the large gardens in the bunker, and therefore all of the food, since keeping livestock underground was pointless.
Hannah Hamerock, a former middle school teacher, helped establish The Educators - the group that provides a very basic education in math, english and history to everyone.
David Lopez, a former police officer, helped establish The Law Enforcers - the group responsible to keep The Days of Endurance’s legal system as fair as possible.
Michael Clark, a man who had previously worked at a gas station, and seemed to be perfectly nice at first, but then committed the most horrid crime The Days of Endurance has ever known - he murdered The Great Leader. There were plans to execute him, but when the people realized they still needed him in order to populate, for lack of a better word, they created the most shameful group to be a part of - The Attendants - the group doomed to clean up after all the other groups.

With these new groups, the new society flourished, and soon the bunker was the size of a smaller city. You have been taught to not ask how they were able to, and how they continue to, expand it. After a while, little children were running around the bunker, and people started growing older and older. Along with these children and elders came new sets of rules that were decided upon to ensure everyones survival, peace, safety and reproduction. These rules would become some of The Days of Endurance’s other ground principles.

At each age, you were given some responsibilities:

Ages 1 - 5 : You’re considered a child, you have no responsibilities.
Ages 6 - 9 : You go to school and get taught basic math, english and history, and most importantly about the destruction of planet earth. You start to help your parents a little with the tasks they have, depending on their assigned group.
Ages 10 - 17 : You’re now considered a young adult. You’re not treated as an actual adult, but you are expected to work like one in whatever profession your parents might have.
Age 18 : You’re considered an adult. This is the most important time in your life, since this is the year you will get sorted into the group you will belong to for the rest of your life. Your group gets decided for you by a jury who assigns you one depending on your personality. You will also get assigned a spouse from your group. You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to change groups, however, you are allowed to change spouses if the two of you aren’t married yet. But you are not allowed to have a romantic relationship with anyone outside of your group.
Ages 19 - 69 : Your duties are to work and to have children. Only by working harder and having children can you increase your monthly payment.
Ages 70 - 100 : After you retire at seventy, you live out your last years in a retirement home.

The last set of The Days of Endurance’s ground principles were created keeping the main point of The Days of Endurance in mind - survival. So, The Sacred Rules were established.

The Sacred Rules
  • You shan’t set foot outside of the bunker.
  • Parents of healthy children shall receive 10 coins (approx. 100 US dollars) for every month the child is alive.
  • You shan’t change groups.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone outside of your group.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone you are not married to.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone of the same gender. (this doesn’t reflect my personal opinions on LGBTQ+ relationships, it’s just a plot-device for this roleplay, your character can of course still be LGBTQ+)
  • You shan’t steal.
  • You shan’t harm anyone.

The year is 2145 - you’ve just turned eighteen and it’s your turn to get sorted into a group and to get assigned a spouse. Maybe you’re excited, maybe you’re scared, maybe you’re apathetic. But none of that really matters, because … you’re not really sure that this is the way you want to be living anymore.


You have to sign up as one eighteen-yearold, but you are allowed to sign up as someone older, too, if you want. You’re also more than welcome to sign up as multiple characters. Keep in mind, that just because your character is born into The Healers, for example, it doesn’t mean that they have to stay in that group when it’s their turn to get sorted.

You are reserving the spot in the group your character will get sorted into later!!

The Healers (NO SPOTS LEFT)

Male character (18): @oorgeloop
Male character (18): @Caticorn
Male character (20): @Ypsilon
Female character (18): @wildstyle103
Female character (18): @WillowTree
Female character (42): @Miumi.hp


Male character (18): @Littlefeets
Male character (18): @Miumi.hp
Male character (38): @jdepisode
Female character (18): @wildstyle103
Female character (18): @BrookieK

The Growers (NO SPOTS LEFT)

Male character (18):
Male character (18): @Miumi.hp
Female character (18): @Ypsilon
Female character (18): @Coolepisodes
Female character (55): @jdepisode

The Educators (NO SPOTS LEFT)

Male character (18): @ScarletSwanHunter
Male character (18): @ScarletSwanHunter
Female character (18): @Ella
Female character (18): @oorgeloop
Female character (25): @Ypsilon

The Law Enforcers (NO SPOTS LEFT)

Male character (18): @LorethA
Male character (18): @jdepisode
Male character (43): @jdepisode
Male character (24): @jdepisode
Female character (18): @Littlefeets
Female character (18): @Caticorn

The Attendants (NO SPOTS LEFT)

Male character (18): @HermanEpisode
Male character (18): @Ypsilon
Female character (18): @LorethA
Female character (18): @jdepisode



The Days of Endurance Forevermore [RP OFFICIAL THREAD]
New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

I know my “New Ideas Thread”-post has only been up for 16 hours … but I just couldn’t stop myself!

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Can i reserve for a female healer


Reserve for female attendant and male law enforcer :grin:


May I reserve for a male attendant?


Of course!


I’ll sign up as a female 18 year old educator! :slight_smile:


This honestly sounds so friggin awesome!!

Can I reserve one male in law enforcers, and a female cook for now? May make more if it doesn’t get filled up :blush:


Aw, thank you so much!

And yeah, of course you can!


FACECLAIMS are done!

And before anyone freaks out, I’ve put your characters in the groups they start out in - I’ll move them once they’ve been sorted.

Don’t forget to check the last pages in the slideshow, you’ll find some useful information there!


Can I reserve for a female law enforcer and a male cook?




Can I reserve for a female law enforcer and a male healer.


This looks so incredibly awesome! I love your rp ideas!!!
Can I reserve for a male healer and a female educator please!


I’d like to reserve for female healer please! :smile:


Reserve for a male healer. :raising_hand_woman:
This RP idea is BOMB :heart_eyes: I’ll sign up as soon as possible, but I’m very busy rn.
Reserve for a mother role too, it can be his mother who is in a different group, I don’t know I haven’t decided yet. :thinking:


Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you! :blush:


Thank you! But I’m afraid someone else snagged the last male healer spot, but you can sign up as an older healer as long as you sign up as something else, too?


Alright, then reserve spot for female cook, male grower, and a mother for someone. :grinning:
I’ll probably be signing up tomorrow.


I’m sorry can I change my reserve of a female from a cook to a female attendant?