The Days of Endurance Forevermore [RP CHAT]


Can i also reserve for a female cook please


can i reserve a female cook please


@Ypsilon Just a question because I’m confused. Can our characters can be born into whatever group we want, and the spot we reserved is what they’ll be sorted into, or is the spot we reserved what they were born into?


I had the same question. The group we reserve is the one the character will be sorted into. They can be born either to the same or different group. :slightly_smiling_face:


Reserve for 1 female grower.

(signing up now)


You reserve what your character is going to be sorted info later in the roleplay. :blush:


How do I make a young one?


What do you mean?

Oh, and by the way, your second character is considered invalid since all the spots in The Cooks are taken, and since your second character was another 18-yearold. You can only sign up as an older character in that second part of the form.


I didn’t mean to sign the 18 year old one, and the sec form one.

But, i mean that like how would I make a child character if we can only make 18 year olds?


You can only make 18-yearolds or characters older than 18. :blush:


Signed up for all my reserved roles :sunglasses:

Female Cook: Cassandra Jacobson.

Male grower: Kevin James.

Older Character: Kevin’s mother, Paige Lee, female healer.


Question: if we by chance suddenly decide to make an older character that suddenly comes to mind (cough cough ridiculously sorry for not doing it before, just thought the rp could use some more older character? :woman_shrugging:) is there a way to just skip the 18 year old part on the sign up form and go straight to making an older character or would it be easier to just refer to these people later on when they come in the rp rather than have an official fc on the ppt?? (Ex: give em a face claim when they appear in a link in the post) If this is confusing, lemme know XD again, my apologies :woozy_face:


Gotta say, love the twist u gave to Paige Lee!! Excited to see how that plays out :smirk:


Haha, totally fine! Just put ”-” or something like that in the first part of the sign-ups***. :wink:


Gotchya. Thanks sm :sweat_smile:


Sighed up!


I’m sorry, but all the spots in the cooks are already taken! Mind if Asher gets sorted into The Growers or The Educators instead?


Tagging some more people who voted, because I stupidly forgot to close the poll! :sweat_smile:

I know there are not many spots left, but you could always sign up as an older character in the group you like most!

@L375 @SilverStar @epi.alyssaa @mistyhearts @ScarletSwanHunter @Tellyg47


No problem, I thought I did that. Grower please.


Thank you. :heart_eyes:
And yeah, I can’t wait for the story. :scream: