The Days of Endurance Forevermore [RP OFFICIAL THREAD]


The Days of Endurance Forevermore

In late 2021, the world was stricken by unevitable chaos - constant hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis tortured the people - everyone was sure this was the end, some people were so sure they took matters into their own hands … and escaped. These people formed a group, led by a man called Tom Landham, a man you are only allowed to referance by calling him “The Great Leader”. The group called themselves “The Days of Endurance Forevermore” - or “The Days of Endurance”, for short. They took flight down to a big bunker built during the second world war, and vowed to stay there forevermore, and to create a new society where chaos wouldn’t be unevitable - where chaos wouldn’t even be possible. The perfect society.

People from the outside started joining the group as the world outside the bunker was beginning to become more dangerous every day. Soon there were thousands of people stacked like sardines in the bunker, sharing food that came in tin cans. Eventually, some of The Great Leader’s followers proved to be more competent and skillful than others, and helped The Great Leader put down one of The Days of Endurance’s ground principles - the six groups.

Info about the groups:

Teresa Vanderbilt, a former nurse, helped establish The Healers - the group responsible for helping the sick, the harmed and the elderly.
Sean Bernard, a former chef at Next, a five-star restaurant in Chicago, helped establish The Cooks - the group that provides food for everyone.
Greta Maurson, a woman in her late seventies whose garden was more beautiful than anything anyone had ever seen, helped establish The Growers - the group that takes care of the large gardens in the bunker, and therefore all of the food, since keeping livestock underground was pointless.
Hannah Hamerock, a former middle school teacher, helped establish The Educators - the group that provides a very basic education in math, english and history to everyone.
David Lopez, a former police officer, helped establish The Law Enforcers - the group responsible to keep The Days of Endurance’s legal system as fair as possible.
Michael Clark, a man who had previously worked at a gas station, and seemed to be perfectly nice at first, but then committed the most horrid crime The Days of Endurance has ever known - he murdered The Great Leader. There were plans to execute him, but when the people realized they still needed him in order to populate, for lack of a better word, they created the most shameful group to be a part of - The Attendants - the group doomed to clean up after all the other groups.

With these new groups, the new society flourished, and soon the bunker was the size of a smaller city. You have been taught to not ask how they were able to, and how they continue to, expand it. After a while, little children were running around the bunker, and people started growing older and older. Along with these children and elders came new sets of rules that were decided upon to ensure everyones survival, peace, safety and reproduction. These rules would become some of The Days of Endurance’s other ground principles.

At each age, you were given some responsibilities:

Ages 1 - 5 : You’re considered a child, you have no responsibilities.
Ages 6 - 9 : You go to school and get taught basic math, english and history, and most importantly about the destruction of planet earth. You start to help your parents a little with the tasks they have, depending on their assigned group.
Ages 10 - 17 : You’re now considered a young adult. You’re not treated as an actual adult, but you are expected to work like one in whatever profession your parents might have.
Age 18 : You’re considered an adult. This is the most important time in your life, since this is the year you will get sorted into the group you will belong to for the rest of your life. Your group gets decided for you by a jury who assigns you one depending on your personality. You will also get assigned a spouse from your group. You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to change groups, however, you are allowed to change spouses if the two of you aren’t married yet. But you are not allowed to have a romantic relationship with anyone outside of your group.
Ages 19 - 69 : Your duties are to work and to have children. Only by working harder and having children can you increase your monthly payment.
Ages 70 - 100 : After you retire at seventy, you live out your last years in a retirement home.

The last set of The Days of Endurance’s ground principles were created keeping the main point of The Days of Endurance in mind - survival. So, The Sacred Rules were established.

The Sacred Rules
  • You shan’t set foot outside of the bunker.
  • Parents of healthy children shall receive 10 coins (approx. 100 US dollars) for every month the child is alive.
  • You shan’t change groups.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone outside of your group.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone you are not married to.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone of the same gender. (this doesn’t reflect my personal opinions on LGBTQ+ relationships, it’s just a plot-device for this roleplay, your character can of course still be LGBTQ+)
  • You shan’t steal.
  • You shan’t harm anyone.

The year is 2145 - you’ve just turned eighteen and it’s your turn to get sorted into a group and to get assigned a spouse. Maybe you’re excited, maybe you’re scared, maybe you’re apathetic. But none of that really matters, because … you’re not really sure that this is the way you want to be living anymore.


You have to sign up as one eighteen-yearold, but you are allowed to sign up as someone older, too, if you want. You’re also more than welcome to sign up as multiple characters. Keep in mind, that just because your character is born into The Healers, for example, it doesn’t mean that they have to stay in that group when it’s their turn to get sorted.

You are reserving the spot in the group your character will get sorted into later!!

The Healers

Male character (18): @Caticorn
Male character (20): @Ypsilon
Female character (18): @WillowTree
Female character (42): @Miumi.hp

The Cooks

Male character (18): @Littlefeets
Male character (18): @Miumi.hp
Male character (38): @jdepisode
Female character (18): @wildstyle103
Female character (18): @BrookieK

The Growers

Male character (18):
Male character (18): @Miumi.hp
Female character (18): @Ypsilon
Female character (18): @Coolepisodes
Female character (55): @jdepisode

The Educators

Male character (18): @ScarletSwanHunter
Male character (18): @ScarletSwanHunter
Female character (18): @Ella
Female character (18): @Ypsilon
Female character (25): @Ypsilon

The Law Enforcers

Male character (18): @LorethA
Male character (18): @jdepisode
Male character (43): @jdepisode
Male character (24): @jdepisode
Female character (18): @Littlefeets
Female character (18): @Caticorn

The Attendants

Male character (18): @HermanEpisode
Male character (18): @Ypsilon
Female character (18): @LorethA
Female character (18): @jdepisode




It’s the morning of the most important day of your entire life. It’s Sorting Day. You won’t have to head to the school where the ceremony is held until later this evening, so you decide to make the most of your day before it’s time. Maybe some of the good (or bad) deeds you do today will help you get sorted into the group of your choosing?

Each family has their own “pod” in each living space (you can find where yours is on the last pages of the faceclaims) that’s about as small as a two-bedroom apartment, depending on your family’s size. The children share bunkbeds and the parents get their own room - you don’t have a kitchen since each group eats food prepared by the cooks together in the cafeteria.


  • Write in the PAST tense in THIRD person perspective!

  • Try to keep the god-modding to a minimum.

  • No descriptive sex-scenes.

  • Please let me (and the rest of the roleplayers) know if you’re going to be inactive, since this affects other people, for example your character’s spouse.


OORP: Im confuesed am i a cook or healer? the face claims has me under healer but list has me as a cook. just so i know before i start RPing


OORP: You’re a healer for now, but when you get sorted you’ll be a cook.


OORP I have a question i wanted rosetta to get sorted in healing and she starts off as a cook but the face claims n the list has her as a cook so is she a cook or a healer


Leonard (Leo)

He ran a hand through his morning hair as he prepared the food with the rest of his family. It seemed to be a wild mess of yelling and different smells, but he couldn’t say he hated it. Actually, it was quite the opposite. He loved the kitchen and just like everyone else he was expecting to spend his time in the kitchen for well the rest of his life. After he got his one true wish that is.
As he mixed the flour in a bowl he looked to his father with a grin, “Hey dad, mind if I meet with Jordon? We have something planned before the Ceremony.”
“The Boone kid?” His father’s voice called from the other side of the kitchen where his pan lights up with flames for a fraction of a second.
“Yeah! Can I?”
“I don’t see why not.” His father laughed, “Magen can you take Leo’s job!” He called to his daughter as Leo grinned, taking off the apron and throwing it in a heap somewhere on the floor.
“Thanks, dad!” Leonard called as he raced out of the kitchen and out into the halls of the hideout. He ran until he got to an abandoned hall where he knew he would easily find their hideout. Sneaking inside to the darkroom, Leo grinned as he saw Jordon hunched over his work.
“Mornin’ Jojo.” Leo grabbed grabbing some dried cold toast from the plate next to Jordon.
“Morning? What are you talking about?” The other boy didn’t look up from his notes and plans on the table.
“I’m sorry to tell you think Jo-bear but it’s morning.” Leo said, sitting down on the table and biting into the hardened bread.
“You are just messing with m–” He looked down at his wrist watch and cursed under his breath, “Why didn’t my alarm go off?” He called and took off his glasses getting up and trying to race around and gather up all his things.
“Long night was it?” Leo asked, watching with amusment as the boy raced around.
“I’ve nearly got a plan ready. I know I’m close.” Jordon said.
“And I’m guessing you went to work on that invention of yours?” Leo chuckled.
“Hey! Watch as soon I create the best way to cook an omlete and then we’ll see who’s laughing.” Jorden warned putting on his jacket and turning to Leo, “Are you going to stay here?” He asked.
“No I might just go to the kitchen, help some more. Just wanted to make sure you were awake and not, you know asleep or…” Caught. He didn’t even have to finish the sentence for both of them to know what he meant.
“Well I’m alive now, now get back to the kitchen before Magen burns my eggs again. I can’t do the same thing I did last time.” He smirked as he walked out of the hideout and into the cafeteria.
Leo sighed and went back to the kitchen, secretly hoping he had more time with Jordon.
Back in the kitchen Leo grabbed the mixing bowl and started to mix, humming to himself as he did so.


He didn’t remember if he had fallen asleep, he remembered darkness between 3 and 5 am but that was pretty much it. He was sure he could survive on that many hours on what was prosumably sleep. Nevermind the fact that he had completely forgotten all about that stupid ceremony that was being held today. Because of course he had to be told from someone other then his father that he was stuck in this hell hole for the rest of his life. Like he didn’t hear it everyday, like that wasn’t enough. No, now he needed to be married off, needed to be told what he would be doing for the rest of his life. Because that’s fair.
Arriving at the cafeteria he lined up to get himself a meal before talking a seat at one of the empty tables. Looking around he made sure either his father nor his brother were anywhere in sight and took out the book from his jacket pocket and opened it, laying it out onto the table as he sat down to eat, “Just a few chapters, then I’ll go back.” He muttered his next few hours to himself so he wouldn’t forget. It was an awful habit and sometimes made people wonder if he was completely insane but yet it was a habit he never seemed to be able to break.
Diving into the books pages and the world it created he completely lost track of his surrounding, not listening to the loud screaming and talking around him. If he was lucky his father and brother weren’t hungry enough today and won’t go looking for him. If he was lucky he wouldn’t see them at all. That would have been a dream come true. Sadly he didn’t think it would be a dream that would come true today. After all, it seemed that everything was out to get him today. All this bad luck… I should have guessed, it is probably because I had a good day yesterday with figuring out the kinks to the code of the Legands, game. Now I have to suffer. He sighed, chewing slowly as he focus back on the novel in front of him and not how he clutched his magical rocks in his pocket.

ORP: Approachable both of them.


Dont bother i got the answer



Rose woke up with a smile on her face, today was the day. She stretched before heading to the bathroom. She bathed and change into a blue dress before going to her little sister Rosie who was only 2 years old.
“Rosie its time to wake up love” She said to her as she gently shook her awake. Rose felt more like Rosie’s mother than her actually mother. Rosie soon woke up, and Rose started their morning routine. She scrubbed her hair and dressed her before they headed to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

Orp: Approachable


Ashley Carlile

Ashley woke up by herself this morning, something so odd it almost scared her when she realized she hadn’t been woken up by the sound of the loud alarm that told her entire family it was time to wake up every morning. That had been her everyday routine for as long as she could remember, so it wasn’t too strange that this felt uncomfortable. But when she felt the large soft earmuffs on her head, it all came back to her. Ashley’s mother had let her take the day off - since it was such a special day. Ashley really wished she hadn’t. Maybe what she did today would be curtial to the jury’s decision tonight? What if she accidentally got sorted into The Educators instead? That had happened to people before. But that couldn’t happen to her - it just couldn’t.

Damien Rutherford

“Get up” a harsh voice told Damien amid his dream about riding around on a giant pea. He groaned and turned around, determined to find out more about the adventures the pea and him would experience together. Suddenly he felt a very cold feeling against his head that then instantly turned scolding hot. A slap. He should’ve seen that coming. Damien turned around to look his mother in the eye. His were defiant as always, hers were cold and emotionless, as always.
“It’s Sorting Day, mother, aren’t you going to wake me with a ‘good luck’-card and a bouquet of flowers?” he said sarcastically. His mother raised her hand to hit him again, but this time Damien grabbed her wrist before her hand reached him.
“Well, good luck, then” his mother hissed and turned her back to him, “you’re cleaning the cafeteria today”. Damien sighed and started climbing down the stairs to his top-bunk.
Happy Sorting Day to me …” he hissed, just like his mother had done before.

Teresa Fenderson

Teresa had escaped her home before her parents woke up, she didn’t want to be anywhere near anything or anyone that could possibly sort her back into the death-sentence that was The Attendants. She aimlessly roamed around the long, dark, hallways and watched as people slowly started to appear around her. Now, they all looked at her with disgust and fear in their eyes. But that would change after today. It had do.

OORP: Teresa is approachable!


Sebastien Cook

He stepped into his families living room. Today’s Sorting Day. He thought as he looked around the pod. The last day I spend in this living space. I’m not fit to be an educator. He walked to the couch and sat down. He knew that he’d be sorted into a different group. He just hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint anyone. He exited the the pod and began to walk in the halls.

Hunter Ruelle

She sat in the hallway outside the door to her family’s living space. She already knew that she has a high chance of being sorted into the Law Enforcers, so she wasn’t too worried. The only part she didn’t like was the fact that she was having a spouse forced on her and that she was expected to have a family with him. She twirled a knife around her finger, not caring who saw her.


OORP: Signing off now since it’s 2 AM here in Sweden, but feel free to interact with my characters anyway, I’ll make sure to be as active as I possibly can tomorrow!


Kai Ebony:
In all honesty, Kai felt like vomiting when he heard the parade of “congratulations” everytime a sibling or parent walked past the door of his shared room, as if there was no question of what group he’d be sorted into. He blinked a couple times before he could force his limbs to move and get ready for the day. A day that would ultimately decide what his future held. Kai slid his arms into the sleeves of his button-up shirt along with pants before opening up the door. He was immediately greeted with a grinning little brother who yanked him forward to the front of the pod. Kai chuckled softly before silencing himself as he looked to his father, an almost ingenuine smile plastered on his lips. It was something that always silenced Kai. A sign that he was thinking much more than he was saying. “Don’t forget your actions affect everything that happens today,” his mother said as she smiled at him. There was a knock at the door and Kai’s eyes widened a bit, his back growing tense. “I understand.” It was a quick statement, barely audible as he rushed to the door and only looked back once before cracking it open a sliver, just enough so he could slip through. Hester. A sight his parents wouldn’t have welcomed.

Hester Eden:
“I told you not to come here,” Kai mumbled as he raked a hand through his blonde hair. She always enjoyed the way it naturally stood up in a certain wave. Hester smirked as she observed his outfit - a nice shirt and pants that screamed obedient-law-enforcer-at-your-service. “Daddy make you wear that pretty boy?” He ran a finger along the inside of his collar before sighing and pushing past, taking long strides towards the elevators. “You’ve no clue how important this is…do you Hes?”
She could already tell what this situation was. “Oh God, don’t tell me. You’re parents deemed me unelegible to be by your side or something?” She scoffed before finally catching up to him and grabbing his wrist. “Slow it down cowboy. Don’t tell me you’re actually gonna listen to them. Honestly you know by now I’ll no doubt be sorted into law enforcement too, so chill. Relax.” Silence.
She could tell he found this situation uncomfortable - the things he couldn’t decide himself were always uncomfortable. He was a follower. And it only angered her. “Fine.” She shoved her hands into the pockets of her sweater before giving a nonchalant shrug and stepping forward to the elevators. “I was going to eat with someone else anyways. Tell me when you’re finished being a perfect little prick.” Kai stood there a bit dumbfounded and Hester stepped into the elevator, waving at him with a passive-aggressive grin. “Suddenly it feels much too small for two people.” It closed and she finally dropped the act, falling back into its walls and giving a long sigh as she closed her eyes. He wasn’t wrong in what he was doing. Saving himself from the risk of being anything other than an officer, the goal he worked towards for the entirety of his life. In truth…Hester wasn’t sure which group fit her actions. And that’s why she needed Kai. To comfort her. To give her reassurance. To tell her she’d be fine when in reality…they both weren’t sure. And he’d failed her. She made it to the first floor and began walking to the cafeteria.

ORP: APPROACHABLE (Hester in cafeteria, Kai anywhere or the cafeteria



Rose held her sister in her arms as she walked to the cafe. She was tired her sister was sick and she was up taking care of her all night. Even if she had gotten the chance to sleep she was too nervous to take the chance. On her way there she saw a girl with short hair. She seemed to be around her age, so she decided to speak to her. It was time to get out of her shell she thought to herself



Leonard (Leo)

He walked out of the kitchen and ear buds in and listening to his music as he walked around the cafeteria looking for somewhere to sit. And it is… full… again. He sighed, knowing that he would have to go on a literal wild hunt for seats and found one after a few long minutes of searching and took a seat next to a boy, “Morning blondy, having a nice time there?” He asked trying to be friendly as he sat down.



Amber Hamerock
Today wasn’t very important to her. It wasn’t going to be significant to her or special in any way, because she knew that she didn’t have a choice. She didn’t have a choice on what to do with her life because those choices were already made for her. Today, was going to be her simply just committing to the fact that she will be an Educator - for the rest of her life… She sighed at the thought of that, but she wouldn’t dare argue with her parents who are stubborn on the fact of her becoming the best Educator.
She made sure her parents weren’t paying attention, and left her family’s living space. Amber wouldn’t usually be allowed to do that, since every moment must be spent being tutored, but today she had a ‘day off’ since it was the Sorting Day. She walked into the cafeteria, looking around at the people in there.

@jdepisode - Kai Ebony, Hester Eden (vaguely mentioned)


Paige Lee
Paige woke up with a big smile on her face, she was obviously more excited about the sorting day than her son, Kevin. But she couldn’t find a single reason to be nervous, unlike the other parents, she wasn’t afraid if her son would leave to another group or not. Because either way she believed that he will be sorted into the most suitable group, no matter which one it was.
“Today, my son will become a functioning adult of benefit to our society and future generations.” She thought to herself, as she brushed her teeth and put on her healer uniform.
She walked through their tight pod, until she reached Kevin’s room.
“Kevin, honey…” She said as she knocked on the door, “Are you up? I’ll be down at the cafeteria, get dressed and meet me there.”
She waved to her husband, who was looking distant, and walked out the door.
She wasn’t really the type to kiss her husband goodbye, she believes that their role in society is to reproduce, and it has nothing to do with pointless romance.
She greeted a few co-healers on her way to the first floor, all looking up to her in awe and respect, eager to know what group will her son be sorted into, after all, she was one of the greatest healers in the bunkers, and people expected the same from her son. But she wasn’t keen on chit chats, she excused herself as quickly as possible and continued walking towards the cafeteria.
She sat down at one of the tables, eyes fixed on the doorway, and her head rested in her right palm. And that smile didn’t leave her face.
About half an hour later, Kevin walked through the doors, and she waved her hand to get his attention, and she did. He walked towards her with a crooked smile and she could easily tell that he was nervous.
“Good morning Kevin. How are you feeling today?” She asked as she ushered him to set next to her.
“G… G… Good morning M… Mom.” Kevin replied, avoiding eye contact. “I’m… I’m… I’m a little n… nervous.”
“Oh honey” she said tilting her head, “it’s completely natural for you to feel nervous, everyone is. Today is the biggest day in your life.” She put her hand on his shoulder and continued, “And no matter what happens, I’ll always be proud of you.” She then kissed his forehead, and left for work.

Kevin James
Kevin barely slept the night, he was very nervous, he was scared of being forced into the wrong group, he wished he’d get sorted into the growers, but no matter what group it was, he was going to be relieved. As long as it wasn’t the healers.
With tears in his eyes, he prayed to God to help him get away from his family, this was his only chance, and he couldn’t waste it forever.
He stared at the ceiling for a while, until a knock on his door brought him back to reality. It was his mom, telling him to wake up, as if he’d had any sleep last night. He shook his head in dispair, and climbed down his bead.
Minutes felt like hours, yet he felt like he was running out of time, he tried to focus on his breathing, and to some extent, avoided a panick-attack.
He gave his father a hug, and went down to the cafeteria, avoiding all eye contact, he managed to get to his destination almost invisible. He saw his mom waving at him, and he walked slowly towards her.
A mixture of feelings stirred inside him, he never liked his mom, but did he really hate her? If so, then how come he was afraid that he was going to miss her if his wishes came true, maybe there was some love left at the bottom, somewhere in his heart.
He talked with his mom for a couple of minutes, he knew that she loved him, she loved her family so much and no one could deny that.
A lump formed in his throat as she kissed his forehead and left. In only a few hours, his world won’t ever be the same again… Hopefully.
He finished his plate, then walked to the only place where he felt at peace. The Growers’ gardens.
He sat down next to the tomatoe feilds, and breathed in the clean air. Everything felt different here, and he loved it.
If only he could choose for himself.

Clark Jacobson
Clark got up to the sound of his alarm clock, just like any other day. He wasn’t going to do anything different, he wasn’t going to take the day off, and he wasn’t going to work extra hard either.
“He had been preparing for this day for 18 years, so one day wasn’t going to suddenly change everything.” He thought to himself as he pulled himself out of bed and rocked his little brother to wake him up.
He greeted his parents and walked to the kitchens, put on his apron and pause for a minutes. He was trying to think of the ingredients he’ll put together, when a boy of the same age raced out of the kitchen.
He wondered for a second what could possibly make him leave in a hurry, but then he shrugged, grabbed his whisk, and started mixing.

OORP: Kevin and Clark are approachable.

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@ScarletSwanHunter Leo is vaguely mentioned in the end.


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Hester Eden:

Hester approached a table with her food in hand when a girl stepped in her line of direction. She took a step back, eyeing her up and down before raising a brow. “Sorry there shorty, didn’t see you there.” She moved past and found a seat.


Kai Ebony:
He’d been the middle of sticking some vegetables into his mouth when a boy with freckles dancing across his cheeks took a seat next to him. He stopped, mid-chew, before scooting over to relieve his bubble of personal space. He cleared his throat and glanced over. “Blondy. Honestly. How original,” Kai muttered before swallowing. He’d never really seen the guy. That, or he’d never noticed. “Can I help you?” It was a natural response. Be the most serviceful guy in your group and you were grunted a good chance at Law enforcement.